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The Heartland Pergolas crew installs 20 long purlins on a 20x20 at ASP Enterprises in St. Louis! - Heartland Pergolas | The Best Vinyl Pergola Kit

This video really showcases the engineering done to make the roof portion of a Heartland Pergolas the most efficient use of a contractor’s time. Our system is designed not only for strength, but to save our builders time by making the roof portion of the pergola very simple to complete. You can see our crew sliding the shade pieces directly through the CNC routed holes with 100% ease – these shade pieces only have to be screwed in ONE time on an outside rafter, and then you’re done with the roof!


Here is the difference in 75% shade (left) vs. 90% shade (right). The CNC routed holes are closer together on the right, making for more vinyl shade pieces to block out the sun!

The completed pergola after all shade pieces are slid through and in place! Once again, 75% shade can be viewed on the ground to the left, while the 90% is on the right.

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Heartland Pergolas

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