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Aluminum Pergola Kits: Quality Material Makes the Difference

Aluminum Pergolas

The right material for the job creates the quality and longevity you are looking for in a backyard structure. Heartland Pergolas are an investment into quality construction and materials. All of our aluminum pergola kits are built with an engineered aluminum frame. Fully extruded aluminum is found in the post, beams and rafters. All pieces of the aluminum structure are wrapped in solid premium vinyl. A lightweight, easy to clean and long lasting material that pairs perfect with the pergolas aluminum inserts.

modern aluminum deck pergola

Engineered Aluminum Frame

The aluminum framework is engineered to withstand high winds. Aluminum, while lightweight, is structurally strong to prevent sagging or warping like you would find in wood pergolas or wood inserts.

aluminum pergola beam shown inside of the vinyl pergola sleeve aluminum pergola beam shown inside of the vinyl pergola sleeve


engineered aluminum pergola drawing
Our aluminum pergolas with vinyl exterior are engineer approved and pass the International Building Code making them a perfect fit for both home and commercial outdoor spaces.

The post features a 1/2" thick heavy welded post base. Easily attach your post to a deck, slab, poured footing or existing pillar. The aluminum is fully trimmable to fit your desired height.

Benefits of Aluminum Pergolas

Lightweight: Pergola aluminum is a lightweight metal, making it ideal for applications where weight is a critical factor like on a deck. A properly constructed deck won't need additional support added to support that weight of an aluminum pergola.

Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum has a natural oxide layer that forms on its surface, providing excellent corrosion resistance. This makes it suitable for outdoor applications where exposure to moisture and harsh environmental conditions is common. The aluminum in a Heartland Pergola kit will work for outdoor locations from the Pacific Northwest to the Southern tip of Florida and everywhere inbetween!

Formability and Versatility: Aluminum can be easily formed and shaped, and is also easy to trim. That means you can take a standard size kit and custom trim the pergola to fit your exact space. Placing your pergola atop a landscape column? Trim your pillars down to the perfect height. Needing to go around a downspout or bumpout in your home's structure? Trim your purlins or beams to accomodate. Looking for a completely custom shape or fit? Our design team can create a pergola that fits to your exact specifications regarding number of posts, angled lines, attachment points, etc.

Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Although aluminum is lightweight, it also possesses great strength for outdoor structures. With the high strength properties of aluminum pergolas, our aluminum pergola kits can be found in high wind locations along the plains, the coast and even in hurricane prone areas.

Longevity: Aluminum has a long lifespan, as it does not deteriorate or degrade easily over time. This durability paired with our low-maintenance vinyl exterior creates the best combination of materials! We are so confidant in our structures, we offer a Lifetime Warranty. Don't replace your pergola every couple of years, make an investment in quality to enjoy for decades.

modern aluminum pergola over a patio

Marriage of Materials

Our pergolas are a prfect balance of strength and beauty. With all of the benefits of the aluminum, the vinyl exterior plays a critical roll as well. The premium vinyl features color all the way through the vinyl, not just a top coating. It's easy to clean and will never chalk, pit, discolor or become brittle.

Heartland pergolas are easy to install, provide actual shade thanks to the louvered pergola roof structure, are easy to customize to your home's layout and come with a lifetime warranty! You can start shopping for a pergola kit today. Or build your own modern aluminum pergola. We have buildable kits for aluminum pergolas attached to the house as well as free standing pergolas - get your Custom Quote immediately. We would love to help you plan the perfect pergola for your space.

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