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Eyebrow Pergola Kit | Over Windows & Over Garage Doors

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Create curb appeal over your front entrance or garage door with a our wall mounted pergola premade for your home!

What Are Eyebrow Pergolas?

You may also hear them referred to as; Garage Pergolas, Wall Pergolas, Window Pergolas, Visor Pergola, or Garage Trellis. No matter what you call them, these premade pergola kits add style, texture, and dimension to your home's exterior look! They serve as an architectural element, highlighting spaces over doors, windows, entry ways and commonly over garage doors.

Over garage eyebrow pergola on a blue sided house
Add pop and architectural detail to your home's exterior with an eyebrow pergola! Often found above the garage but can be used as accents just about anywhere!

Heartland Eyebrow Pergola Kits

Like our traditional pergolas, our garage pergola kits are reinforced with aluminum inserts and wrapped in premium vinyl! No upkeep is needed other than a quick power wash from time to time.

We offer different size kits to fit your home. All of our kits are expandable, meaning you can add multiple kits together to make longer spans. They are also trimmable. If a kit size is just a little too long, you can cut it down to the custom size you need!

Applications: Over Garage, Over Windows

What are some common applications for an eyebrow pergola kit?

  • Garage: Create a trellis over garage doors, an attached over garage door pergola for style.
  • Front Door: Over door trellis or over door pergola to create a welcoming entry way to your guests.
  • Windows: Add style with a window eyebrow feature. Eyebrow window pergolas can actually help reduce strong overhead sun, acting as a modern awning, or eyebrow dormers above your windows.
  • Large open flat spaces along your home: Older homes or new back side of many new construction homes lack character. Attaching an eyebrow pergola can help create a more dynamic design to your home's style.

Installation & Service

Garage door pergola kits often take half a day or less to install! You can hire a local contractor or professional handyman. However, many homeowners find that these make for a great diy pergola kit! A simple template is included, as well as a CAD drawing and step-by-step installation instructions.

These eyebrow pergolas are able to be trimmed – you simply order one size bigger and trim them down to fit. You can also splice these together – go ahead and make a 60′ long eyebrow pergola if you’d like!

Heartland Pergolas boasts a Lifetime Warranty on our pergola kits. You can pair that with our outstanding customer service and installation support to ensure your project is a success!

Get pricing for your own Eyebrow Pergola or call today and our team can assist you! 563-345-6745

Modern Garage Pergola Ideas

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