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Custom Pergola - Get the Right Design For Your Home

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We would consider all of our pergolas to be custom pergola kits. For one, we fabricate every pergola order as it is placed to the exact specifications on size, color, shade, end caps and extras! Our pergola kits are also trimmable so in many situations, they can be customized to fit around small obstructions easily on site.

However, there are times when just a simple trim of purlins, end caps or rafters won't quite achieve the look you are after. When those highly customized needs are called for, our team can still help you create a one of a kind kit. The same durable materials and features we are known for, but a custom vinyl pergola created just for your space!

Why a Custom Made Pergola?

Because you have style, you have taste, you have the sense to create something beautiful and outside of the status quo. Your unique custom backyard retreat requires a custom outdoor pergola that can match the ambiance and flair of your entertaining style! We can help you with that! From creating a corner pergola for a backyard hideaway or a triangular pergola to highlight your outdoor grilling area, we can help you create a custom or one-of-a-kind design that fits your space, your life and your style!

An aerial view of triangle pergola with arbor above a patio
This custom pergola covers the extended patio. It's a triangle pergola design with an extending arbor over the patio walkway!

A Pergola Custom Fit for Unique Spaces

Even if you aren't looking for added flair or something unique, you may have space restraints or objects in your desired area for your pergola that might make most of your standard square or rectangular pergolas impossible to use! Structural components that you need to work around may require additional posts and unique deck or patio lines may have you needing angled beams going posts to post to follow the contour of your space.

Multiple Pergolas or Multi-Tier Pergolas

We can help you design and create a plan when your space needs multiple pergolas. If your space extends out in a different direction, you may need something like an L-Shaped pergola to follow the contour of your deck or patio. Tiered pergolas, like a two-tiered pergola is a popular option to break up one giant space, adding extra dimension with a tiered roof!

Custom Pergola Design Help

We have helped homeowners all across the company come up with designs that work for all different kinds of unique situations. There no additional fee to work with you on creating a custom design!

Our designer is very knowledgeable and helpful in listening to your needs, creating a design that is both beautiful and structurally sound. Our custom pergolas are still built using our durable materials so that you still have a structure that is low maintenance and comes with an industry leading warranty!

Start Your Custom Pergola Design

The best way to get started on a custom pergola is to reach out to our team for design help and quote.

You can call 563-345-6745, send an email, or use our chat feature on this page to reach out directly. If you have an idea already, send us a photo or sketch along with a photo of the space your intend to install your pergola. We can work with you from there to figure out the best custom pergola kit for your backyard oasis!

Custom Pergola Ideas

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Where to next?

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