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Free Standing Pergolas:Create an Outdoor Living Room

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Many homeowners dream of creating a backyard oasis but aren’t sure where to start. The transformation from a simple backyard to an outdoor living space doesn’t have to be complicated when you start with a free standing pergola kit!

free standing pergola over a raised patio outdoor kitchen and dining area.
Creating an outdoor room! This large freestanding pergola creates a whole outdoor room over this outdoor kitchen and dining area combination.

What are free standing pergolas?

A freestanding pergola kit is one where the pergola is fully self-supported by its own posts. The pergola does not need to be attached to your home or structure. Most freestanding pergolas will have 4 or more posts. The pergola posts can be anchored to a concrete patio slab, deck or decorative stone landscape column.

Free standing pergolas are great for a multitude of places at your home; backyard patios, outdoor kitchens & bars, next to your pool or over your hot tub area. They also work great on decks when attaching a pergola isn't possible due to low clearance on your home that may prevent the installation of a ledger board.

Advantages of incorporating a free standing pergola into your outdoor space

A free standing pergola has the benefit of going just about anywhere! They can be positioned next to your home or structure, but they can also be installed out away from your home. The only requirement being you have a solid place to anchor your pergola.

Another benefit is having more control of the way your shade purlins will face. With an attached pergola, your purlins must run parallel to the structure you are attaching to. While the purlins will always help add shade under your structure, with a freestanding pergola, you have more control over the exact positioning. A freestanding pergola can rotate to best line up with the direction of light you are trying to block.

Free standing pergolas create the visual of an outdoor room. An area that helps specifically (and beautifully) define an area of your backyard. It may designate on outdoor dining room or perhaps your ultimate outdoor kitchen, a cabana retreat, or just a nice sitting area with friends.

Freestanding Pergola Types

You can choose from either a Modern Pergola type or a Traditional Pergola type.

Modern Pergola designs are sleek and minimalist in looks, where a Traditional Pergola has a more classic open crisscross roof structure of beams and rafters. While the design may be different, the structural components and integrity are both the same!

Both feature premium vinyl exterior. The vinyl is solid in color all the way through, no wearing or fading of your pergola’s exterior. The internal structure is made up of extruded aluminum. Aluminum is relatively light weight making it a great choice for decks and patios alike, yet incredibly strong.

That strength is what gives our pergolas a lifetime warranty. Aluminum is not going to rot, sag, or warp over time or against changing seasons. Together the vinyl and aluminum system create a pergola that is as strong as it is easy to care for.

How to choose the right freestanding pergola design for your space

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to your pergola’s size. We can create a custom kit size for you, or you can use one of the standard pergola kit sizes. Either way, are kits are easy to modify during installation. This allows you to work around things like wall bump outs, roof extensions, and other permanent objects that may require a pergola that is not completely square or rectangular in shape.

Like in our attached pergolas, our freestanding pergola posts come in options for 5" square posts, 7" square posts or 10" round posts (10" round available on traditional style kits only). Post size and shape only affects the look of your pergola as all aluminum inserts are the same no matter which post size & style you choose.

Other options like color, shade amount, cap style, and accessories all boil down to personal preferences and design aesthetic. Our team is always here to help guide you on which options may be best for your home. Feel free to send in photos of your color palette, available space or any concern areas you have before purchasing a pergola from us.

A free standing pergola creates a well-defined outdoor space that can be as dramatic or as simple as your needs and budget. Heartland Pergolas’ customized vinyl pergolas are low-maintenance structures that can be easily installed by you or by a contractor of your choosing. No matter how you choose to use your free standing vinyl pergola, you’ll be adding beauty and function to your backyard.

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