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Modern Pergolas | Stylish & Functional Contemporary Pergolas

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What are Modern Pergolas?

Modern Pergola Kits are built with the same extruded aluminum supports and premium vinyl exterior as our other pergolas, but in a sleek updated aesthetic!

If your home doesn't have a classic or traditional vibe, a Modern Style Pergola might be better suited for your outdoor living space! In a Modern pergola kit, all your rafters and shade purlins are fully enclosed inside of the beams for crisp sight lines. On a traditional pergola these rafters and purlins over hang the outer edges of your pergola and have exposed end caps.

side by side view of a modern pergola kit vs a traditional pergola kit
A Modern style pergola on the left as compared to a traditional pergola on the right. Modern pergolas have the full roof structure fully contained within the outer beams.

Design and Customization

Modern Pergolas are available in both free standing and attached options. Attached pergolas allow you to connect your pergola to your home or structure while a free standing pergola is self supporting and can be installed just about anywhere! They look great over your outdoor kitchen, create a focal point for your outdoor dining area or comfortable seating area next to your pool!

A major benefit of a Custom Pergola by Heartland is the ability to choose your shade level! Our shad purlins are similar to a louvred roof, the angled purlins help to block sunlight.

The standard shade option is 75%, where the top purlins are spaced 4" on center. For less shade, choose the 50% option where purlins are spaced 6" on center. And for the most coverage we have our 90% shade where the purlins are 3" on center.

Modern pergolas do have less options for your posts sizes. You can either choose a 7" Square posts with trim ring or a 7" square post without trim ring. Round or 5" squares are not available with a modern pergola.

You do have your choice of a White Pergola or our Sandstone Tan color. Classic white is a great choice for most homes, it pops against dark or rich colors and goes with any home that has white trim. If you have an off white trim or warmer tones to your home, the Sandstone Tan is a beautiful choice.

Our pergolas are easy to upgrade with additional finishes. You can even add a fan or overhead light pendant with our fan mount! These would be a perfect addition for an outdoor space to increase your outdoor living enjoyment.

Installation Process

A modern pergola can be installed in many different place around your home or backyard. The lightweight materials make them ideal for deck installations. You can also install your pergola on a patio or on top of a landscape column top. If you want to put your pergola in a garden area or over landscape pavers, you will need to create footings in the ground for your posts to mount to.

Our instruction manual lays out the installation of all of these scenarios for you step-by-step! Once your aluminum posts are installed properly, the vinyl post sleeves are slid over the posts.

Once your posts (and/or ledger) is installed, you can move to adding the perimeter box beams, followed by the addition of your rafters set inside of your box beams.

Then once you have both the beams and rafters in place, the purlin holders are added.

Finally, your shade purlins are slid in through the purlin holders and secured with screws to hold them in place.

Most people find installation to take about a day for an experienced carpenter or two days for a handy homeowner. In most cases, you will have a brand new pergola structure to enjoy in less than a weekend!

Maintenance and Care

If we didn't sell you on the quick installation steps, how about the minimal care and maintenance needed for your structure?!

The aluminum inserts are incredibly strong and there is no worry of them rotting and warping like wood, or rusting through like steel! The outside vinyl is incredibly durable, requiring only a spray down with the hose if it gets dirty or a quick scrub with a Mister Clean Magic Eraser to buff out any scuffs! That's it - queue the late-night infomercial tag line of Set It And Forget It!

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