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Complete your outdoor living space with one of our simple, yet elegant eyebrow pergola products. Installation is simple and all materials are a lifetime warranty! This system uses vinyl shade profiles at a 45-degree angle to give a purposeful aesthetic to the finished product without emptying your wallet!

Eyebrow Pergola Features & Details

ALL Eyebrow Pergola Kits feature the same design, assembly and materials; white vinyl with aluminum inserts. The only difference in the options above, is the overall width.

  • A simple template provided for installation means only a half-day installation time.
  • Each size comes with a CAD drawing as well as installation instructions to help you along your way.
  • The depth of our Eyebrow Kits are all 2' deep.
  • These eyebrow pergolas are able to be trimmed – you simply order one size bigger and trim them down for a custom fit.
  • You can also splice one or more of these kits together when needing to run long spans.
  • Shipping is included!
    You’ll receive tracking information on your UPS boxes once the product ships out from our facility – lead time is typically two weeks from the date of your order.
  • Everything needed for your installation is included in the kit, except for the fasteners attaching your ledger plate to your wall structure.
    You will need to get the proper fasteners for the surface you are drilling into - ex: brick vs. wood. Each rafter hanger requires 8 fasteners. To determine the number of rafter hangers in your kit, divide your pergola kit width in half. So our 8' garage pergola will include 4 rafter hangers. 8 fasteners per hanger would mean that 8' Eyebrow Pergola will require 32 fasteners. (4 rafter hangers x 8 fasteners per hanger)
  • Tools needed for completion: Drill, 3/8" Magnetic Driver, 6" Drill extension, Phillips Bit, Level, Tape Measure, Pencil, and your fasteners with accomodating driver to mount the rafters to your structure. A miter or circular saw will be needed if trimming any of the pieces down.
  • You can always call our office at 563-345-6745 for installation support!
  • If you need customizations please contact us for options and pricing!