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Attached Pergolas: The Perfect Addition to Outdoor Living

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What is an attached pergola?

You may have a beautiful deck or patio at your home, but if your space is constantly in direct sun, it can become a hot and unusable wasted space. An attached pergola kit can provide the shade solution for your home.

An attached pergola, simply means that your pergola is supported on one or more sides via structural attachment to your home or garage. The pergola extends from your structure to additional posts that complete the build. This gives you a purposeful yet beautiful solution for needed shade.

Attached vinyl pergola on a California home over backyard patio with mountains in the background.
Beautiful attached pergola on the back of this California home. A beautiful addition to the well landscaped patio and mountain views!

The attachment to your home or structure is done via a ledger board and beam attachment brackets. A typical attached pergola will only have two column posts, and can sometimes be referenced as a 2 post pergola. Different configurations based on space are possible, we have done a one post, two attached sides pergola and even a no-post pergola where the roof structure was fully mounted via two ledger plates to opposite side structures!

Benefits of an attached pergola

Attached pergolas cut down on the over all footprint needed for your pergola by eliminating 2 or more posts. The support on one side being provided by the attachment points to your structure. Attached pergolas are also an excellent option for tying in with the railing system on your deck. The posts are installed where your railing posts are already going to fall.

Attachment to your home or structure also allows for maximum protection from the sun against any windows or doors that fall under your pergola. Your pergola acts as an awning, helping to reduce the amount of heat coming in your windows or doors.

On a South or West facing side of your home, this can really shield that part of your home from harsh sun rays that would normally beat down through your windows. Attached pergolas are great for decks or a patio cover when your deck or patio is right off of your home.

From a cost perspective, attached pergola are typically less expensive than freestanding pergolas. Fewer posts mean less materials and that helps reduce the price.

Attached pergolas are often used as commercial shade structures as well. Our pergolas are often installed at restaurants, bars, event venues and pools. The attached pergola a perfect shade structure for patrons to utilize during the heat of day and beautiful ambiance throughout the night.

Design & Customization

Heartland Pergolas has two main design styles for our vinyl pergola kits. Traditional Style pergolas offer the classic pergola look most are accustom to seeing. The posts and the ledger board will support the roof structure made up by beams and rafters. The ends of the beams and rafters are exposed and overhang the posts.

Modern Style pergolas are a sleek and modern take where the rafters are all contained within the beams. The the outer edge of the beams and columns are lined up which is what creates the boxy and sleek style. All standard options are available for attached pergolas including; color choice, wide variety of standard and custom sizes, the amount of shade produced by the shade purlins, post width and style, trim options, end caps, and extras like our fan mount or hurricane clips.

Installation Process

The installation process for an attached pergola is simple to follow through our written installation guide or through watching our YouTube Video Installation Series.

The ledger board gets installed to your structure and then the remaining posts are mounted to your deck, concrete, landscape column top. The posts can also be set into the ground if you are not using a solid concrete or deck option.

Once those are set, your beams are installed, followed by the rafters which hang from the included hardware off of your ledger board and secure to the top of your beams.

Then the purlin holders are installed on top of the rafters.

The purlins then slide through the purlin holders and you are all set to install the end caps (traditional style pergolas).

Additional options such as your fan mount or hurricane clips can be added and then all that is left is to sit back, grab a cool drink and enjoy your new pergola!

Most installations take 1-2 days depending on your carpentry experience and the number of hands you have helping. It's ideal to have two individuals during the installation but can be done with just one individual. If at any point you struggle through any of the steps, our team is ready help you complete your build via a quick phone call or email!

Pergola Care and Maintenance

One of the best features of a Heartland Pergola is the true ease of care and maintenance! The pergolas are built with aluminum reinforcement which means you never have to worry about the structural integrity from weather, wind, and time. The vinyl exterior makes clean up super easy. A quick rinse a couple times a year is sufficient to remove most dirt and grime. For any scuffs, a Magic Eraser sponge can be use to buff away marks.

Heartland pergolas are easy to install, provide actual shade, are easy to customize to your home's layout and come with a lifetime warranty! Get started on a new attached pergola kit for your home by visiting our Custom Quote page for pricing or give us a call. We are happy to help you plan the perfect pergola for your space.

Browse through photos below of some of our favorite attached pergola kits!

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