Attached Vinyl Pergola Kits

An attached pergola simply means that your pergola is supported on one or more sides via attachment to your home, garage or other structure. A typical attached pergola will only have two column posts, though different configurations based on space are possible. Browse through photos of some of our favorite attached pergola kits below!

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Why Go with an Attached Pergola Kit?

You may have a beautiful backyard deck or patio at your home, but if your space is constantly in direct sun, it can become a hot and unusable wasted space. An attached pergola kit can provide the shade solution for your home. Your pergola can be secured to the side of your home, garage or other structure giving you a purposeful yet beautiful solution for needed shade! Attached pergolas also cut down on the footprint needed for your pergola, eliminating 2 or more posts, with the support on one side being provided by the attachment points to your structure. Attached pergolas are also an excellent option for tying in with the railing system on your deck, installing your pergola posts where your railing posts are already going to fall. These customizable pergolas offer shade and beauty to your patio or deck. Our customers who purchase an attached pergola kit enjoy the additional quality time with family and friends on their back patios and decks. These areas that were once rarely used, become gathering points for outdoor socializing, a cozy nook to read, family dinners and late night gatherings with friends.

Attached pergolas are often used in commercial applications as well. Our pergolas are often installed at restaurants, bars, event venues and pools. The attached pergola a perfect shade structure for patrons to utilize during the heat of day and beautiful ambiance throughout the night.

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