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10 Pool Shade Ideas For Your Backyard Oasis

Every kid dreams of having a backyard pool to spend their summer days! But as an adult, itís not just about the pool anymore. There is much more in creating a whole outdoor entertainment area around your pool. A well-rounded outdoor area is going to consist of multiple spaces to make the most of your yard; day or night and from season to season. A poolside pergola can be the perfect addition to any backyard pool! You want spaces for both swimmers and non-swimmers to enjoy as well as relief from the heat and sun. A shaded location is a key element to your outdoor enjoyment.

Large Narrow white pergola casting shade below at community pool

Letís look at 10 pool deck shade cover ideas to add to your home this year!

Large Pergola poolside over outdoor kitchen and bar

1. Patio Shade Structures - Go Big or Go Home

Creating a large shaded area for your pool patio can be very costly. Pavilion style structures with a solid roof are great to cover a large outdoor area but are pricey and much more complicated to build than a pergola structure. This large pergola covers the full outdoor kitchen, bar and seating area. Built with angled slats, it blocks overhead sun. The Grill Master and non-swimmers have a perfect place to keep an eye on those in the pool while keeping cool.

White pool side pergola with curtains creating a cabana affect

2. Poolside Cabana Structure

This cozy cabana space is created with by a shade pergola with outdoor curtains. Itís a perfect spot for an afternoon siesta, a good book, or visiting with friends!

Large custom corner pergola creating a shaded sitting area next to a pool

3. Custom Shade Structures For Unique Spaces

The space available around your pool may not come in perfect squares or rectangles. This corner shade structure takes on a custom shape to maximize the pool patio space for entertaining guests. Pergolas are simple structures that are so versatile, they can be custom designed to fit many different shapes and fit into a large variety of design styles. This pergola was built on stone columns to dress up the structure and has added features of vertical sun shades and outdoor fan to really keep the area cool and comfortable.

A pergola cover over a pool built with a white vinyl pergola to create shade over the pool

4. A Pool Cover For Shade

There are many places where the summer heat is brutal. Especially in the southern states like Texas, Florida or Arizona, the sun can heat up your swimming pool temperature to feel like bath water! When you are looking for a place to cool off, a pool that feels like a hot tub isnít very refreshing. You can help keep your pool cooler by using an over pool shade structure like this pergola. The overhead louvres are overlapped to create maximum shade protection from the overhead sun while still allowing air flow to keep your space cooler.

Freestanding pergola next to an outdoor fireplace and backyard pool with seating

5. Defining Outdoor Entertainment Areas

When friends and family are there to enjoy your outdoor space, creating different zones around your pool gives the opportunity for different types of interaction while all still enjoying the same outdoor space. This well thought out pool patio has an outdoor grilling area, dining table and comfortable seating area with outdoor fireplace. You can keep the party going from day into evening with all of the available spaces. Notices how this freestanding pergola creates an outdoor room that functions during the day as a shaded seating area and then at night as a cozy space to enjoy a fire and watch the game!

White Shade Pergola over patio next to a swimming pool

6. Shaded Pool Deck For Non-Swimmers

If you are a parent of young ones eager to swim, you know itís important to stay close and alert, but sitting out on a blistering summer day on the side of the pool is not enjoyable. Creating patio shade next to your pool ensures you can stay close to the action without frying in the sun.

Shade Pergola built on top of the counter of an outdoor kitchen and bar

7. Outdoor Poolside Bar & Grill

This outdoor kitchen & bar has the perfect polished look by adding a pergola roof over the whole area. The roof provides shade to the kitchen area below as well as elevating the overall aesthetic taking what could be any outdoor kitchen space and making it truly something special. A shade structure like this vinyl pergola with internal aluminum support is strong enough to withstand any extreme weather conditions while remaining low maintenance. Thatís more time for play and less need for work!

Night time by the pool with a pergola lit up with string lights

8. Festive Lighting for Outdoor Pools

Keep your pool party going into the evening with festive lighting. This freestanding deck pergola makes it easy to create that nighttime ambiance. You can go as simply a string of bistro lights, or opt for a more permanent lighting solution. Itís easy to incorporate electrical components in vinyl pergolas, as the internal post aluminum allows spacing to run wires through for all your wiring. You can run your electrical wires up through the posts to mount outdoor sconces or even through your rafters for outdoor fans and overhead lighting.

White Vinyl pool side pergola set ontop of stone pavers in a fenced yard

9. Opt For Permanent Shade Structures

You do have choices for shade next to your outdoor pool. Shade umbrellas are always a popular choice but have the need for frequent replacement. They are fragile, succumbing to falls, wind damage and sun damage. Even when purchasing a more expensive brand, after a few seasons they will need to be replaced. A permanent outdoor pergola can last decades. They arenít prone to wind damage and can be used in direct sun without the fear of fading, thinning or wearing of the materials like an outdoor umbrella or sun shade would. No running outside to put away when the rain or wind starts up!

Modern shade pergola next to a backyard swimming pool

10. Modern Pergola Designs

Pergolas often take a traditional design with rounded columns and ornate overhangs. That traditional look may not work for the design of your backyard space. You can still create a great shaded area for your backyard pool with a modern pergola design! The sleek clean lines from square posts and a boxed roof structure are a great way to incorporate a pergola for shade without the old-world look.

When looking for shade ideas for your pool this year, consider using a quality vinyl pergola structure.

Pool Pergola Arbor over an outdoor tv set and grill

Pergolas are a great shade structure option on your pool patio or pool deck. Here are a few benefits of a poolside pergola:

  1. Shade: A vinyl shade pergola is built to provide you with shade for your space while still allowing ventilation and air flow unlike a solid roof structure. You can even choose your shade level when customizing a pergola for your space.
  2. Durability: A vinyl pergola with internal aluminum supports is strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds. Itís a permanent structure that you donít need to worry about replacing every season.
  3. Design: Vinyl pergolas are versatile in design. They can be designed and built in unique shapes, trimmed and fitted to custom fit your space, designed in a modern style or a more traditional look.
  4. Cost & Ease of Build: In comparison to other outdoor structures like pavilions or gazebos, pergolas are quicker and easier to build. And without the high cost of materials and contractor fees as these other custom structures.
  5. Requires Little Maintenance: Vinyl is easy to clean and care for, usually only needing to be sprayed down a couple times of year to remove dust and dirt. Unlike wood structures that need to be sanded, stained or painted every year or two.
  6. Install on any surface: You can install a pergola just about anywhere. They can be fastened to a deck, concrete footings or stone column top. You can even attach your pergola to a structure like your home, pool house or garage.
  7. Versatility: The hollow aluminum structure allows you to run electrical wiring through the pergola for lighting features, fans and electrical outlets.
  8. Visually Elevates Your Outdoor Design: Having a permanent structure adds depth and dimension to your space. It can physically create separation of different areas of your backyard, designating an area for dining, cooking or relaxing.

When looking for shade options for your outdoor pool area, take a look at vinyl pergola kits or custom vinyl pergolas to create the cool, relaxing backyard oasis you have been looking for!

If you are looking for more, here are 7 more Pool Side inspired pergolas to check out!

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