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7 Free Standing Pergola Kits that Can Bring Life to Your Space

Pergolas are an excellent way to enhance a backyard space. Not only are they a beautiful addition that comes in many shapes, styles and sizes, but they have other benefits as well.†

They can help define areas in your yard, maximize your space, provide shade, privacy and protection from the elements, and more. Choosing a pergola, however, can be overwhelming, with all the different options available.†

One of the most popular types of pergolas is free standing pergolas, which relies on horizontal beams to support the pergola’s upper structure.†

The choices don’t end there, however. You can build your own freestanding pergola or buy free standing pergola kits ó the easier and more popular option. Heartland Pergolas makes high-quality freestanding vinyl pergola kits at an affordable price and in a range of different styles.†

Letís look at what a pergola kit is and then at seven style options for freestanding pergolas you can choose from for your home.

What Is a Pergola Kit?

Itís possible to build a pergola from scratch, but it can be complicated and expensive. Instead, you can buy a pergola kit, which is a pre-fabricated, unassembled pergola that can be ordered and shipped to your home. These kits will have everything necessary to put the pergola together and can save homeowners time and money. Also, they take the guesswork out of pergola design.

With pergola kits, you have the option to buy an off-the-shelf pergola or work with a company to design a custom kit. Heartland Pergolas offers customers a customizable experience, allowing them to design an attached or free standing pergola kit to fit their home and style.

Free Standing Pergola Kit Style Options

Heartland Pergola makes custom, durable, low maintenance, easy to install systems that provide real shade and are easy to install.

1. Traditional Free Standing Pergola Kits

Freestanding Pergolas & Pergola Kits

Nothing can beat the look of a traditional, freestanding pergola. A traditionally designed pergola is usually placed close to the home on a paved patio. The purlins, or the boards that act as the “roof,” can vary in numbers and spacing depending on the desired look and amount of shade. They can be for a shaded sitting area, a place to eat, an outdoor kitchen or anything else you can imagine.

2. Modern and Angular

While a traditional free standing pergola kit is popular, another type of freestanding pergola to consider is a modern-style pergola. Modern pergolas have a similar look to traditional pergolas but do not feature cantilevered purlins. Instead, they feature clean, angular lines. Modern pergola kits are a great option for homes with a modern exterior.

3. Distanced From the Main Property

Although pergolas are usually built close to the home, you can build them anywhere on your property. Why not create a space for your freestanding pergola farther away from your home? Doing so creates the opportunity to use it in a different way, like combining it with a fire feature to create a serene garden escape.

4. Modern on Posts


Another way to design free standing vinyl pergola kits is to go with a modern design for the posts. Instead of a classic, full-length post, the freestanding pergola posts can go half-way down and finish with a stone base. It creates an elegant and modern look, while adding a classic, natural touch with the stone bases.

5. Deck-Installed

Freestanding Pergolas & Pergola Kits

Pergolas don’t need to be set on the ground, either. Instead, consider building your freestanding pergola kit on a deck. Putting a pergola on a deck can add dimension and height to the deck and create a shaded area that can be used for sitting space or to protect outdoor furniture from the elements.

6. Traditional on Landscape Columns

Freestanding Pergolas & Pergola Kits

Just as you can combine a modern pergola with stone post columns, you can do the same for a traditional freestanding pergola kit. This type of freestanding pergola kit can be done with two regular posts and two posts with stone bases. Using the design in this way creates a unique look that combines multiple textures in the overall pergola design.

7. False Attached Awning

Freestanding Pergolas & Pergola Kits

Creating the illusion of an attached pergola or false awning is another option for freestanding pergolas. It involves building the freestanding pergola kit close to the home’s siding, but not attaching it. Building so close to the home creates an awning-like look that provides shade and shelter closer to the house’s structure. This can also help prevent sunlight from coming in through your windows and doors, protecting your interior decor from fading and sun damage.

Freestanding Pergolas, Endless Possibilities

Freestanding vinyl pergola kits are an excellent option to add style and provide protection from the sun and other elements to an outdoor living space. With a freestanding pergola kit, you are choosing a system that is easy to install, cost-effective and beautiful. No matter what style you choose, a pergola can transform your backyard.†

Heartland Pergolas creates beautiful vinyl pergolas that are durable, provide more shade and protect you from the elements. If youíre interested in self-installing a pergola, contact the experts at Heartland Pergolas for more information.

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