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Modern Louvered Pergola Kits: 5 Unique Design Ideas

Without fail, when the weather turns warmer, homeowners use their backyards as entertaining spaces. You want your backyard to be warm, inviting and feel like an extension of your home. A modern louvered pergola is a great option to enhance your backyard and create a beautiful and unique outdoor living space. 

Heartland Pergolas is one company that produces high-quality vinyl louvered pergola kits that make eye-catching backyard spaces.


What Is a Louvered Pergola? Why Are They Important?


A louvered pergola is a newer style of pergola roofing that provides more effective shade from the sun by using angled, diagonal roof slats. The amount of shade can vary depending on what the homeowner wants or needs for their backyard. Heartland Pergola’s louvered purlin systems allow for 50%, 75% or 90% shade cover, significantly more than traditional systems that only offer 20% to 30% shade coverage.

As a result, with traditional pergolas, homeowners have to buy extra parts or invest in canopies for added sun protection, raising the entire cost more than necessary. 

Aside from the additional shade provided by louvered purlins, there are some other great benefits to this attractive pergola design.




All Heartland Pergolas products feature a rustproof, highly durable aluminum frame core inside the vinyl sleeves. This core runs throughout the entirety of the pergola, including the posts, beams and rafters. 

The added support means that a Heartland Pergola is resistant to rotting, sagging, warping, cracking or burning, unlike wood pergolas or wood pergola inserts. Having an aluminum core also means these pergolas can withstand strong winds, harsh weather and fire better than other types of pergolas. 


DIY Assembly


Heartland Pergolas kits come neatly packed and are DIY-friendly, meaning you can put your new pergola together over a weekend. You can also easily customize your kit, so you get the exact look you want. There’s even an entire YouTube videos series mimicking the written installation guide you’ll receive with your pergola order.

Since the vinyl sleeves are hollow, it’s easy to make cuts and adjustments to allow for additions like outdoor ceiling fans, speakers and other accessories you may want.




While you may want a beautiful outdoor entertaining space, you don’t want to do a lot of required maintenance. Heartland Pergola products use a premium extruded vinyl, which is resistant to fading, chalking or weather damage. This means that the vinyl requires minimal care — just soap and water — compared to a wood pergola. 


Style Options


Heartland Pergolas are also versatile in style. They can be designed to have a more traditional look, or you can choose a more modern pergola design, like the examples below, for something unique and different. 


5 Modern Louvered Pergola Design Ideas


1. Minimalistic White With a Slatted Wall


Traditionally, pergolas don’t have walls, but there is no rule saying you can’t add one to your design. You can create a simple, white square pergola that has a back slatted wall. This can help create a more defined space and even provide a small amount of privacy or added sun protection, depending on the wall’s direction.


2. Build It Freestanding on a Deck


Your pergola doesn’t have to be directly against your house, either. Another unique design idea is to put your pergola away from your home as a freestanding structure. For an added wow factor, this modern louvered pergola can be built directly on top of a deck to have a shady area.


3. Make It an Extension of Your Home


No matter what, a pergola acts as an extension of your home. You can take this notion more literally by attaching it directly to your home’s exterior. Instead of having four posts holding it up, the pergola will be supported structurally by your home. 


4. Extra Large Space? Just Add More Posts!


If your area is larger than 16 feet, you’ll need to add some more posts to effectively cover the entire living space. Some customers build their modern pergolas between 30 and 60 feet long by adding posts in the middle. 


5. Build It Away From Your Home


As mentioned before, your pergola doesn’t have to be attached to your home in any manner. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be close to your home at all. If you have a large party, consider putting your pergola further away on top of a paved surface. It allows you to create a living space that feels a bit removed and private from the rest of the property.


Why Choose a Heartland Pergola


Pergolas are a fantastic way to create more living space using your backyard. The better option is to have a  louvered pergola, which provides significantly more shade. Heartland Pergola provides high-quality, durable, vinyl pergolas with a heavy-duty aluminum core. 

Our pergolas are built to last and can be completed as a DIY project, meaning you won’t have to worry about the schedules of a construction team and COVID-19 dangers. Best of all, a Heartland Pergola is easy to maintain and will bring you years of enjoyment. 

Contact Heartland Pergolas today for more information on your brand new pergola.

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