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5 Benefits of Adding a Vinyl Eyebrow Pergola to Your Home

It's the little details that really make a house or building stand out and look its best. That’s why so many homeowners look for accents that they can use to improve the curb appeal of their homes, such as different types of siding, decorative windows or custom shutters.

One feature that adds a lot of interest and detail to a property, while also providing some potential shade is an eyebrow pergola. These unique pergolas can add a lot to your home’s appearance and function, and when made of vinyl, you get even more benefits. 

If you’ve been wondering how best to accent your exterior, consider these five benefits of adding a vinyl eyebrow pergola to your home.


1. Enhanced Curb Appeal

Eyebrow pergolas are short, cantilevered pergolas that attach directly to your exterior and project outward above your windows or garage, adding some unique detail with a three-dimensional effect. 

Details like this are ideal at calling attention to other parts of your property, for example, carriage style garage doors or a set of decorative windows. They can also help make the transition between siding types, such as fieldstone and lap siding, adding a visual break that gives emphasis to the two materials. 

At the same time, a vinyl eyebrow pergola is attractive in its own right. It adds detail and interest on its own, setting off the property and creating a focal point on the facade.


2. Shade for Windows

Eyebrow pergolas come in many different configurations and, like all pergolas, can provide some shade. If you have windows on your home or garage that end up catching glare at different times of day, adding an eyebrow pergola to the outside of the windows is one way to add a little shade and reduce the glare, without obscuring the view.

While shades and blinds can be drawn to block out direct sunlight and help keep temperatures cooler indoors, they require you to open and close them as needed and obstruct your view. An eyebrow pergola will add just enough shade to remove the glare without affecting your view.


3. Inexpensive Detail

There are a lot of ways you can add detail and accents to your home’s exterior, and  most involve the use of many different and highly expensive materials. Many of these materials can also be difficult to install, which further increases their cost, because you need to find a specialist in order to have them installed properly. 

An eyebrow pergola kit, however, is relatively inexpensive and very easy to install. They can be cut to fit your property right on site, so there’s no need to special order materials. Vinyl eyebrow pergola kits are simple yet elegant because they are simple to install, but make a big impression on the way that your home will look once they’re in place. Your home will take on new detail and dimension, and it will do so for a fraction of the cost of having new accent siding, custom specialty windows, or any other types of accents that you may be considering to dress up the appearance of your home.



4. Easy to Maintain

Anything on the exterior of your home is going to be subject to the elements. Wind, rain, snow and sun will all take their toll. When deciding on whether or not you should add an accent to your home, you need to balance the amount of maintenance compared to the benefit you get from its appearance.

With a vinyl eyebrow pergola, you’ll have virtually no maintenance at all. Heartland Pergolas’ durable products contain low maintenance materials such as aluminum within each piece for added stability and durability. The vinyl itself is also incredibly durable, so you don’t need to worry about cracking, fading or warping over time. And because the color goes right through the vinyl, there’s no scraping or painting needed. 

All the pergola will need is the occasional pressure wash to remove any surface debris. So you can get a beautiful home accent and keep it looking beautiful with barely any additional work or time.


5. Garage Interest

One of the most popular ways to boost both curb appeal and value for a home has been to update the garage. While garages were once strictly utilitarian spaces, they’ve now changed to become much more decorative. Carriage style doors, decorative hardware and updated accents are now much more common.

An eyebrow pergola is a unique, easy and inexpensive way to dress up your garage. Whether you’re doing a full garage makeover, or you’re just looking for a way to give its appearance a boost, an eyebrow pergola is a great choice.


Add A Vinyl Eyebrow Pergola to Your Property

Whether you’re updating a garage or adding a little shade to your windows, a vinyl eyebrow pergola will help you get the job done right. These durable and low maintenance pergolas make beautiful additions to any home. 

Click here to see CAD drawings, installation guides, pictures and pricing for vinyl eyebrow pergolas. Or click here to learn more about the best materials to use for eyebrow pergolas.

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