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Low Maintenance Eyebrow Pergolas

Complete your outdoor living space with one of our simple, yet elegant eyebrow pergola products. Installation is simple and all materials are a lifetime warranty.

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Why a Heartland Pergolas Eyebrow Pergola?

Heartland Pergolas will only sell lifetime warranty, low maintenance materials. What that means for your new eyebrow pergola is a worry-free, paint-free, and stain-free accent over your garage or window! There are still 3′ long pieces of lifetime warranty 2×6 aluminum in each vinyl rafter sticking out from the structure. This means no skimping on the materials inside or outside (your vinyl is lifetime warranty too!). Keeping your eyebrow pergola looking new is as simple as a 10-minute power wash twice a year.

Features and Benefits

Our eyebrow pergola systems offer a unique louvered system on top! This system uses vinyl shade profiles at a 45-degree angle to give a purposeful aesthetic to the finished product without emptying your wallet! You’ll receive tracking information on your UPS boxes once the product ships out from our facility – lead time is typically two weeks from the date of your order.


Additional Features:

  • A simple template provided for installation means only a half-day installation time.
  • Each size comes with a CAD drawing and installation drawings to help you along your way.
  • These eyebrow pergolas are able to be trimmed – you simply order one size bigger and trim them down to fit.
  • You can also splice these together – go ahead and make a 60′ long eyebrow pergola if you’d like!
  • Don’t forget you can always call our office at 563-345-6745 for installation support as well!

Eyebrow Pergola Pricing

Below are costs for each standard size along with a link to their
downloadable CAD drawing. These prices shown are the final delivered
cost to your doorstep.

*Please note the selection of the Sandstone Tan color results in a
10% overall price increase.

2′ X 8′ Eyebrow Pergola:
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2′ X 8′ Eyebrow Pergola CAD

Download the Eyebrow Installation PDF
2′ X 12′ Eyebrow Pergola:
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2′ X 12′ Eyebrow Pergola CAD
2′ X 16′ Eyebrow Pergola:
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2′ X 16′ Eyebrow Pergola CAD
2′ X 20′ Eyebrow Pergola:
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2′ X 20′ Eyebrow Pergola CAD
2′ X 24′ Eyebrow Pergola:
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2′ X 24′ Eyebrow Pergola CAD
2′ X 28′ Eyebrow Pergola:
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2′ X 28′ Eyebrow Pergola CAD