Pool Pergolas: 7 Designs to Beat the Heat

When it comes to designing the perfect pool area, the possibilities are unlimited. Ideally, you want something that is attractive and functional; a pool pergola can provide the perfect answer. Pergolas are structures with lattice-style roofs that provide varying amounts of shade ó an essential for healthy outdoor living. Pergolas are extremely versatile structures and can help extend your outdoor living space in a variety of ways.

Here are seven pool pergola ideas to help inspire you when designing a pergola for your own pool. 

1. Traditional-Style Freestanding With Privacy Wall 

Pool Pergolas - Traditional Style

Pergolas are great for creating shade, but leave a lot to be desired in terms of privacy. One way to fix that issue is by adding a privacy wall on one or more sides of the pergola. Doing so will help create crucial privacy, especially for a pergola over a hot tub, like the one pictured above. 

These homeowners created a privacy wall that matches the style of their traditional pergola in order to create a more private hot tub area, so their neighbors cannot see into their space. The upper portion of the wall is slatted, allowing for some natural light without allowing too much visibility.

2. Add Shade to an Outdoor Dining Area

Pool Pergolas: Add Shade to an Outdoor Dining Area

This pergola is situated off to the side of the pool and provides a comfortable shaded area for dining, while also allowing handy access to the pool. Each column has a stone base for added support and style. Alfresco dining has never been more comfortable.

3. Create Shade at the Poolís Entrance
Pool Pergolas: Create Shade at the Poolís Entrance

It would take an exceptionally large pergola to cover an entire pool, which may not be practical or cost-effective for some homeowners ó but that doesnít mean they canít have a pergola over the swimming pool in some way. One of the clever pool pergola ideas to make this work is putting the pergola over only the entrance of the pool. This will provide shade for anyone getting in or out.

4. Create a Poolside Lounge Area

Create a Poolside Lounge Area

Traditional-style pergolas pair well with rustic features, like brick details and accents. For ultimate poolside lounging, you can create a sitting area using a freestanding pergola design. A brick foundation for the columns helps create a rustic feel when combined with a pool deck paved with stone. 

To further enhance that rustic feel, build a stone fireplace to keep you warm during the evenings. By tucking it close to an area in the yard with lots of trees, you can simulate a private, outdoor room. 

5. Double Attached Pergola on an Upper Deck

Double Attached Pergola on an Upper Deck

A pool pergola doesnít have to be by the pool; you can also have a pergola on a second-story deck. The picture above features a double attached pergola, held up on one side by the houseís structure. It overlooks the pool, allowing for a perfect view while providing plenty of shade. 

Attached deck pergolas are an excellent option for ensuring you can use your deck all year long, and itís a great option when you donít have space for a pergola over the swimming pool.

6. Have Pergolas on Two Sides for Maximum Shade

Have Pergolas on Two Sides for Maximum Shade

Instead of pergolas over pools, you can have a simple, four-column pergola on one side of the pool, and another, longer pergola on the opposite side. 

The long pergola above is about three times the size of the opposite pergola, covering almost the entire length of the pool. A longer pergola provides more usable shaded space that homeowners can use in a variety of ways like a dining area, a lounge area or an outdoor living space. These pergolas also provide more shade when cleaning the pool.

7. An Attached Pergola Grilling Space

An Attached Pergola Grilling Space

Another idea for an attached pergola is to have it connected to your back porch. It may not be a pergola over the pool, but it does create a unique and usable outdoor space. 

One benefit is that an attached pergola like this can create a shaded space that allows you to see out the window or back door more clearly. A pergola on the back porch also creates an opportunity to create a more protected grilling area, keeping the grill safe from rain and wind. 

Enhance Your Yard, Add a Pergola Over the Pool

Pergolas are an easy way to enhance a backyard and create a more usable outdoor living space. They are versatile structures that you can customize in various ways, from dining spaces to outdoor kitchens ó the options are endless. Pergolas over pools are especially popular since they can provide a much-needed space to escape the sun. 

These are just a few pool pergola ideas, but there are many more possibilities. Heartland Pergolas can help make your swimming pool pergola vision a reality with custom pergola kits. Contact us today to get started on your outdoor project.