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Where to Buy a Pergola Kit?

So, you have finally decided to take the plunge and order up a pergola kit for your outdoor space! But where to start? Let’s back up a bit and start from the beginning.

What materials are you going to use to build your pergola? The type of pergola you want for your space is a consideration all on its own. Be sure to read up on the best pergola structure for your home to help you decide that important question.

Next, is it better to buy a prefabricated pergola kit or build a pergola from scratch? The answer – It depends.

Are you building the pergola yourself? If the answer is yes, unless you are an experienced carpenter, building a pergola from scratch can be a daunting task. You would need to find plans you can use to create your pergola. Ideally ones that have been professionally created and reviewed to ensure that your pergola kit is structurally sound. After all, you plan to put some of the people you love most under this structure. It needs to be safe! Then you need a way to haul all your supplies and obtain all the tools and hardware necessary to put the structure together. It can be pulled off for sure, but if you haven’t had much carpentry experience in the past, finding a prefabricated pergola kit may save you a lot of headaches.

DIY pergola kit being installed
A DIY pergola kit being installed.

If you are hiring a contractor to build your pergola, the same care and consideration for finding the right contractor for the job should be done here, as with any other important home improvement project. Having the right credentials in terms of licensing, insurance, and a portfolio with positive reviews. Reviews that support their ability to safely, expertly and quickly build your structure. Don’t opt for someone who suddenly pops up on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc without doing some digging first. A contractor is a great option when you want something highly customized. A good contractor will have the tools, supplies and knowledge to make your visions come to life.

You can still hire a contractor to install a kit pergola over building a custom structure. You will need to find a contractor who sells and installs kit pergolas or is willing to install a kit you purchase. If you go the later route, you may want to call around and have that in place prior to ordering your pergola kit.

So now, back to the original question. Where can I buy a pergola kit? When you go to Google and type in pergola kit, you get thousands of results. So, let’s narrow down a few of the places you are going to find and buy a pergola kit for your home.

Big Box Store Pergola Kits

You can find lots of pergola kits online or in stock at your local big box stores. Lowes carries a wide selection of pergolas. Home Depot also has quite a few different pergola kits available for in-store pickup or delivery. Costco has a small selection of popular pergolas available as well. The quality of pergola kits from your local big box store is going to vary vastly. Look at reviews, materials, warranties, etc. Also think about your own expectations. Are you just looking for the cheapest structure available? Know that these kits are not built for longevity and may only get you through a season or two before needing replacement or some serious repairs. These kits often don’t fare well in tough weather conditions like wind, extreme heat or long winters.

Are you looking for something to last you a few years until you move? Then a mid-range pergola may get you through. Know what maintenance needs to be done and what the warranties are on the pergola you are purchasing to make sure it fits your expected timeline. Are you in your forever home and looking for longevity? Then you need to find a pergola that is built with quality in mind. And with quality materials, long product warranties and ratings for harsh weather conditions, comes a higher price tag.

Online Giants – Wayfair & Amazon Pergolas

Like just about anything else these days, a quick Google search, will give you lots of links for pergola kits for sale on your online mega sites like Amazon or Wayfair. Obviously, a major benefit of shopping with these online giants is that most people are pretty familiar with the online store and shopping on these platforms gives you reviews on each product which can be helpful in learning about what you are getting. But not always – some products have no reviews either from being buried in the masses of listings or because the product is just too new to that online platform. Amazon and the like are no stranger to fake reviews as well, meaning it’s still a roll of the dice at times. Most pergola kit purchases are a bigger expense then buying your typical every day household items so it’s good to be super analytical of the products, information and details available on these online listings. Pergolas are easier to build than many other types of structures or construction projects, but they still require good instructions, videos, and customer support for most people who have never tackled the task of building one. So, you want to look for a brand that has a wealth of resources available and customer support options for if you run into questions.

Online Pergola Shops

This is probably the best bet if you are seriously in the market for a quality pergola. The information available to you before, during and after the purchase is going to be much better than buying from some 17-year-old working at the big box store, or your online mega store that has little customer service.

Google Search Results for Pergola Kits
Google Search Results for Pergola Kits

Dedicated Pergola and outdoor structure manufacturers are going to have a wealth of knowledge, experience, options and dedicated customer service to make the most of your purchase. A dedicated pergola manufacturer will have the most options as well, many even able to create a custom sized pergola or shape specific to your space. Anyone can be online these days so you still need to do your homework; analyze the product literature and features, ask questions, look for reviews on the company’s Google Business info, Yelp or Social Media pages like Facebook. Work one-on-one with the company to make sure that the pergola you want fits your desired space, is configured to provide the best solution to your needs and that you have a full understanding of what the process and construction looks like so there are no surprises once your pergola arrives. Check out the installation instructions ahead of time to make sure the steps make sense and are easy to follow.

Some of the top 5 Online Pergola Kit Shops to buy a pergola kit from:

  1. Heartland Pergolas – On the inside of their vinyl pergola kits, Heartland Pergolas have full-length, lifetime warrantied aluminum interior allowing them to be designed and installed in both residential and commercial markets. They offer better shade options than most with their angled purlin system. They also boast very high reviews.

  2. Toja Grid – Toja Grid is a unique DIY pergola system. You purchase the hardware brackets from them and then purchase your own lumber to use with their brackets. This system keeps your shipping costs down, allowing you to choose your own lumber, and they boast a quick build time.

  3. Vita Pergolas – Vita Pergolas are a vinyl pergola kit. Costs are kept lower by shipping only the vinyl pieces. You would purchase your own wood insert pieces at a local lumber yard.

  4. Forever Redwood Pergolas – This company focuses on sustainably sourced wood pergola kits. There are various styles you can choose from as well as different types of wood.

  5. Struxure – If you are going high end aluminum with all the bells and whistles, you might just be looking for a Struxure pergola system. Struxure offers modern pergolas with automated features. Struxure has the cool factor down to a science, but these pergolas do boast a hefty price tag to match. They have high reviews and good resources on their website, but you need to locate a dealer in your area for sales.

Time to go choose your pergola kit!

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