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Say I Do to Venue Pergolas

Attracting people to your venue or business is usually a complex matrix of factors. Product, pricing, location are among a few of the big key components to attracting your clientele. Add into that mix the tone, ambiance, and comfort! People want to go where they feel comfortable and if the tone of the venue doesnít hit the right mood, it wonít be a good fit. Letís look at a few applications where adding a pergola can set the right tone, bring in the perfect ambiance and offer shade relief from midday sun!

The Outdoor Ceremony Wedding Venue

Wedding Altar on Lake with Pergola

Every bride & groom wants their ceremony venue to be picture perfect. When it comes to the ceremony space they want a focal point, something beautiful and elegant, yet at the same time, offers simplicity to add their own creative dťcor fitting of their theme. A simple structure that can be beautiful on its own or made to standout! A pergola can be the perfect addition for your outdoor ceremony space to provide such structure! On its own, a pergola is classic and beautiful, it doesnít have to be dressed up to make the scene. But, a highly formal affair may see brides and grooms adorning large garland pieces or elaborate floral designs to add that wow factor. Balloon art garland is a popular option for many weddings and events right now. Adding fun and whimsy for those wanting a less formal - bright and fun decor! All of these things can be added to enhance a pergola for an outdoor wedding.

A freestanding pergola in your garden or courtyard venue would offer up an amazing focal point that wedding couples will flock to!

The Outdoor Wedding Reception Venue

Whether couples opt for a the cocktail hour outside or for their whole reception to be in the open air, a pergola can not only set the tone, but let guests enjoy the festivities in a shaded area.

Wedding Outdoor pergola reception dining area
The above Heartland Pergola can be found at the beautiful Sinkland Farms venue in Virginia!

Wedding Couples often head for photos after a wedding ceremony leaving guests to mingle at cocktail hour. Pergolas make natural gathering spaces as a structured area within your outdoor courtyard or garden area. And while everyone loves a bright sunny day for a wedding, the angled purlins of the pergola offer guests a break standing in blistering heat. Shade is a welcome commodity guests both young and old will appreciate!

A tented space can be a nice temporary option for an outdoor reception but to create a permanent strucutre, a pergola can be the best option. These structures are built to last with reinforced aluminum inserts in all posts, beams and rafters. An investment that pays off easily as your pergola will still be going strong after hundreds of beautiful weddngs and events!

Wedding Outdoor pergola reception dining area

Beer Garden or Outdoor Dining Patio

Here again, building an atmosphere that is inviting will keep your patrons coming back for more! Make them think of your bar, restaurant or entertainment venue when they want to go somewhere fun and outdoors, yet still giving them protection from sun and stagnant air. Fans going and shade cutting down the heat will keep your patron there longer and returning to join you again!

Outdoor business pergola area - music venue pergola

Likewise, a pergola is a great option for coffee shops and bistros wanting to offer outdoor seating areas. Umbrellas are often used but take time to set up each day, create problems when itís windy and often donít last more than a season before you are buying new. A pergola is a permanent option built to last.

outdoor cafe restaurant pergola

If your venue provides live music consider adding a pergola over your stage area! This provides a great focal point for your musicians and offers them shade for live daytime performances.

Outdoor business pergola area - music venue pergola

Inside Pergolas

It may sound crazy to bring a pergola in doors, but we know of several applications where an indoor pergola made perfect sense in bringing the feeling of the outdoors, in!

This restaurant wanted the outdoor airy and beachy feeling indoors! These pergolas were able to be custom fit to their layout and provide a fun atmosphere that is memorable for their patrons!

Indoor restaurant pergola

A memory care facility or senior housing is a great place to add a touch of the outdoors, in! This senior memory care complex added pergola entrances to all of their apartment fronts. It gives their residents a feeling of still having their own private courtyard entry. Losing the ability to stay at home by yourself is tough for any individual. A space that honors their dignity and still keeps them safe is an appeal very much sought after by the loved ones looking to help aging parents or family members transitioning to memory care units.

Indoor memory care pergola entrances

Poolside Pergolas

From private country clubs to public pools, a pergola can give your deck side patrons a place to enjoy the day. Observant parents, older generations, or the fair skinned all love a reprieve from the sun while their sun loving kids and friends play. A shade pergola allows them to still be part of the action without overheating.

Private Pool country club Pergola

Remember your staff

Everyone knows how hard it is to get and retain workers today! A pergola can be a great way to help your staff working outdoors stay cool. A pergola over your bar or outdoor cooking area gives them shade to prevent fatigue!

Bar Shade Pergola

Employers want to give their employees perks to staying loyal with them. An inviting break area gives your employees a chance to rest their minds, refocus and come back ready to work again. An outdoor patio pergola area created for lunch breaks or just to step away from their desk for a few minutes can be a welcome addition for your staff!

Pergola Outdoor Break Shade structure

There are so many useful and creative ways you can add a pergola to your commercial space or event venue. One that enhances the experience through aesthetics as well as comfort from heat & sun.

All the pergola ideas seen above are Heartland Pergolas Vinyl Pergola Kits! Let us help you plan the outdoor space for your business! Call our staff to get started or use the pergola design tool to start getting ideas!

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