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Aluminum Pergola Posts - Pergola Interior Reinforcements | Heartland Pergolas

What is on the inside of that vinyl pergola you always drive by? The real answer is it’s tough to know unless you’re the one that built it. Vinyl pergolas look the same on the outside whether they have wood, aluminum, steel or air on the inside. Some vinyl pergola kits that seem incredibly affordable are because there are no interior reinforcements included with your purchase! This means you’ll have to take a trip to a local box store or lumberyard to find something to fit inside your posts or sleeves.  What makes a Heartland Pergola so great is the lifetime warranty aluminum reinforcement that runs the entirety of the posts and all structural profiles throughout the pergola.

Vinyl pergola aluminum post stiffener insideAluminum pergola post stiffener

The aluminum post stiffeners (pictured above) come a full 10 1/2′ long in the vinyl pergola pallet. These lifetime warranty stiffeners have a welded base plate with holes in all four corners. They may be bolted down to concrete pads (minimum 4″ thick), decks or landscape pillar caps (high PSI caps like Indiana Limestone or equivalent). These posts may also be embedded into concrete footings if required by engineering or permitting restrictions in your area.

Vinyl pergola sleeve with aluminum post stiffener

Each beam and rafter (pictured above) has a fully extruded 2×6 or 2×8 aluminum profile on the inside. These lifetime warranty aluminum pieces ensure the safety of your family below and will not warp or sag over time. Our 2×6 aluminum profiles may clear span up to 16′ and our 2×8 aluminum profiles clear span up to 22′. These aluminum profiles ship inside the vinyl pergola profiles on each pallet and are easily slide in and out during the vinyl pergola installation process.

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