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Low quality + snow = failing pergolas - Heartland Pergolas | The Best Vinyl Pergola Kit

It’s that time of the year! A lot of the country will be experiencing snow loads soon (if they haven’t already). Pergola kits are awesome in the Summer… but what happens when you get two feet of snow in January?  At Heartland Pergolas, we provide lifetime warranty pergolas – with BOTH our aluminum-reinforced frames AND our low maintenance vinyl having lifetime warranty – so there’s no worries when the snow comes.  There are some other options out there that are… well… not as high of quality.

Here’s a very real possibility if you decide to go with a pergola kit that has wood reinforcement (or no reinforcement at all).

Poorly reinforced pergola kit failure
Photo Courtesy: Allison Zimmerman.

Don’t let this be you!  Heartland Pergolas are built with the full aluminum frame, whether it be from the ground to the top of the posts, or any of the beams and rafters.

Heartland Pergolas aluminum post mount insert

Heartland Pergolas 2x6 aluminum insert


Be safe during the holiday season – and take a picture under your Heartland Pergola!

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