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Create a beautiful outdoor room at night too! - Heartland Pergolas | The Best Vinyl Pergola Kit

At Heartland Pergolas our goal is to help create a beautiful outdoor living space for you – this goes for both day and night!  Our vinyl pergola system is designed for customizable shade levels during the day – and it’s predrilled for wiring if you want to light it up at night!

heartland pergolas vinyl pergola with lighting

The above vinyl pergola kit is just completing the installation process (one more railing and then the railing on the stairs!) but our customer is so excited about the lighting they had to send us the picture early!  The aluminum post mounts of our system have a hole predrilled directly in the center – making it very easy and efficient to run wires up the posts or columns. The beams and rafters that make up the roof are hollow 2×6 or 2×8 aluminum profiles with vinyl casings – meaning you can drill a hole anywhere in them and easily pull a wire through.

Whether you want the lighting directly in your pergola or lighting on the decking or landscaping below it (pictured in these two) – a Heartland Pergola completes a great looking outdoor room at day and night time!

Give us a call at the office at 563.345.6745 and we can help make your outdoor living space look great too!

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