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Add some privacy and enclose your modern living area - Heartland Pergolas | The Best Vinyl Pergola Kit

Our new modern pergola design just got that much better! There’s now an option to add a purposeful and sleek privacy wall on any side of your modern pergola kit.

Heartland Pergolas modern pergola kit with privacy wall

Our modern pergola kits are made with 7″ square columns and 2×8 box beams around the perimeter. The roof is made of 2×6 profiles and our Heartland Pergolas angled shade system that offers 50%, 75% or 90% shade to our customers.

Don’t forget to pay close attention to what type of materials your pergola will be made out of. Many pergolas are not made from lifetime warranty materials but cost the same amount. Our Heartland Pergolas Modern Pergola is made out of lifetime warranty aluminum on the interior and lifetime warranty vinyl on the exterior. Many pergola kits cannot offer you engineering testing and can simply be replicated by going to a lumberyard or local box store and buying some wood. Conduct your due diligence on your pergola supplier before making your choice!

Contact us via email at aaron@heartland.ctws53sj-liquidwebsites.com or call our office at 563.345.6745 if you have any questions about our pergola kits.

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