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Commercial Pergola Kits: 9 Beautiful & Functional Design Ideas

Commercial Pergola

Business owners are always looking for ways to increase their appeal by making their guestsí experience memorable. Outdoor spaces are a popular option (especially now with impacts from the coronavirus), particularly in service businesses like restaurants, hotels, country clubs and bed & breakfasts.†

The strength, customizability and functionality of these outdoor additions will set your business apart from the rest. To give you some inspiration on how best to use a pergola system to elevate your business, weíve compiled a list of nine commercial pergola design ideas that are beautiful, functional and perfect for your space.†


1. † Ramp Up the Entrance


Commercial Pergola Kit for building entrancs


The entrance of your building speaks volumes.†

Adding either a freestanding pergola or an attached pergola is a sure way to take an entrance from average to outstanding. And because pergolas are visible from the curbside, this makes a location stand out from its neighbors.†

Not only does a pergola add appeal, but it also adds functionality. Adding shade protection for guests (who, for instance, may be waiting for their table) makes this a space that is both attractive and functional.†

Because the entrance is the first impression, itís also important for pergolas to stand the test of time with very little care. Thatís where Heartland Pergolas are a great choice, as they require only the occasional cleaning with a hose, soap and water, allowing business owners to get back to whatís most important: serving their customers.†


2.† Create Defined Dining Areas With Commercial Pergola Kits


Create Defined Dining Areas With Commercial Pergola Kits


Having a unique outdoor dining space sets restaurants, hotels and country clubs apart from the rest. Commercial pergola kits from reputable companies such as Heartland Pergolas are customizable as well.†

Heartland Pergolasís design provides unprecedented shade ranging from 50% to 90% shade, whereas other pergola brands and styles offer only a fraction of that, if any at all. And no shade on a hot summer day makes for a very uncomfortable dining experience. Do you want your customers to have the best experience possible?


3. † Stand-Alone Gathering Places


Stand-Alone Gathering Places


Creating a stand-alone gathering place adds an extra cozy feel to a restaurant, hotel, country club or other service business. Giving patrons a place for privacy to enjoy their experience leads to a sense of being home among family and friends. This is important for customer loyalty and helps to build a business that stands the test of time.†

Heartlandís pergola kits have easy add-on drop shades, providing extra privacy, shade and wind protection. Because they are made with high-strength aluminum frames, they can withstand wind, weathering and rot, unlike wood alternatives. Theyíve also been FEA tested and can withstand very high wind loads, even those in hurricane-prone areas.


4. † Donít Forget the Pool


Commercial Pergolas for the Pool


When it comes to country clubs, hotels and bed & breakfast businesses, a pool is a near essential addition to an outdoor space. Adding a pergola to this space adds shade during the day where guests can gather and have a beverage or a defined gathering area for after dinner. Add an outdoor fireplace for extra ambiance and your guests will keep coming back, year after year.†

One of the great benefits of Heartlandís commercial pergola kits is that they are fully customizable, which works well with unique landscaping and branding. And with the reliability of a comprehensive warranty, business owners can rest assured they made the right choice for their establishments.†


5. † Expand Retail Space


Expand Retail Space With Commercial Pergolas


Space is always limited when it comes to commercial businesses. Both attached and free-standing pergolas expand on real estate space, ensuring business owners are able to make the most of their business.†

Pergolas offer space expansion for overflow of guests and create a warm, home-like feel (great for businesses that host large events). They can be used in almost any area of the property and the flexibility of design is almost limitless. Add chairs or benches for a cozy gathering place or use it simply for shade, and your guests are sure to love it.

We know business owners are busy and need to ensure that their pergolas are delivered quickly and installed with efficiency. Heartland offers free shipping on all pergola kits. Plus, the installation process is quick, clean and easy.


6. † Outdoor Entertainment Warmth


Outdoor Entertainment Warmth


Bringing entertainment outside is a great way to increase your businessís appeal and will keep guests coming back. Adding a free-standing pergola for a seating area is a great way to do this.†

For additional entertainment, add a fireplace and entertainment tech like a TV, perfect for businesses like a bed & breakfast and country club. Plus, itís a great way to entertain kids (which parents will thank you for).

The addition of an outdoor cooking area where private parties can be hosted and catering can be hired also makes this a multi-functional place. But keeping the space pristine is essential. Thatís why Heartland pergolas are the perfect addition. Because they are made with aluminum frames and not wood, they wonít sag or rot, and cleaning is fast and easy.


7. † Make Use of Multiple Levels


When making the best use of available real estate, why not go up! Multi-level guest areas are a great way to do this. With the addition of a second-floor dining area or bar, guests can sit under the shade of a beautiful pergola and look out over gorgeous grounds for a relaxing experience.†


8. † Stand-Out Bed & Breakfast Experience


Stand-Out Bed & Breakfast Experience


Guests choose bed & breakfasts for a reason: They want a home-like cozy feel, even though they arenít at home.†

Whether your business is located in an urban area or out in the rural countryside, you can never go wrong by adding a pergola. It can be a freestanding or attached style, and with the addition of a central fireplace around which guests can gather, your bed & breakfast is sure to get top reviews.†

While youíre at it, why not add ambient lighting and even outdoor music? For a finishing touch, cozy eclectic outdoor seating adds to a country bed & breakfast feel that visitors will enjoy and want to come back to.


9. † Create an Outdoor Ceremony Space


Create an Outdoor Ceremony Space With Commercial Pergolas


Service industry business owners are always trying to maximize their business offerings ó and that includes offering private functions.†

Adding a free-standing pergola is the perfect way to expand a business portfolio. It can serve as a ceremony space for weddings or other celebrations and can be easily enhanced with decorations like foliage and string-lights.†

With the addition of add-on drop-shades to your pergola, guests will be afforded extra shade, privacy and wind protection, so the event can continue on, no matter the dayís weather.†


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Pergolas are a great way to take your business to the next level, whether you want to create a cozy, home-like feel or an elegant space for beautiful ceremonies.†

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