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The Top 10 Benefits of Installing a Pergola

This white pergola is resting on brick pillars, covering an outdoor eating area next to an inground pool. There are trees behind the eating area and bushes next to the pillars.

Your home is not contained to the area inside your house. It also includes your entire outdoor living space. Improving the comfort and beauty of your yard might seem like a challenge when considering the standard options of decks and patios. However, installing a pergola may be a feature you havenít considered yet.

If you are looking for a standard build, or the flexibility to customize to your specifications, a pergola may be the missing ingredient for your outdoor living scheme.

Letís get inspired ó†this article will cover 10 potential benefits of adding a pergola to your home!

1. Privacy Wall

There are two tan pergolas attached to a house. One has an integrated vinyl fencing privacy wall and the other has a standalone vinyl fencing privacy wall. There is a large staircase connected to the deck and you can see another house in the background.

A pergola designed with a privacy wall provides the benefit of extending your living area to the outdoors while affording you more personal space. Building a solid wall is expensive, time-consuming and restricts the natural flow of air. However, you can have retreat-like seclusion with a privacy pergola, letting you enjoy the outdoors with both peace and shade. These privacy walls are great if you live near a busy street, have nosy neighbors, or want to define separate spaces in your outdoor area.

2. Shade

This white house has four large windows looking out to the deck area. There is a white pergola connected to the deck and the house, covering white deck furniture and pink flowers in blue flower pots.

On a hot summerís day, nothing is as inviting as a shaded area where you can sit down and cool off. A pergola can block the sunlight without having to construct a roof. With the addition of handrails and decorative posts, a shady spot becomes a welcome respite from the heat. Instantly add relaxing square footage to your home.

3. Drop Shade Compatibility

This white house has a white pergola connected to the back deck. There are two steps connecting the deck to the lawn, and there is a bird feeder next to the deck.

Providing shade is one of the top benefits of adding a pergola to your deck, but sometimes overhead shade is not enough if your space gets sun from all angles. Most decks exit from a kitchen or other frequently used room through large glass doors. These can allow too much light in the home when the sun is at a low angle.

Drop shades let you block the sunlight and can be mounted on any side of the pergola, giving you year-round protection. With a drop shade, your pergola can feel like a separate outdoor room or home extension without the cost of constructing one.

4. Enhancing an Outdoor Kitchen or Bar Area

This outdoor bar and the cooking area have large concrete blocks and a tan pergola. There are black high chairs pulled up to the bar area.

Many families enjoy the use of an outdoor kitchen or bar area that expands their entertainment into the backyard. A pergola can complement this area by providing shade and cover for your guests at the bar or around the grill. Not to mention, it also provides some protection for your outdoor appliances like stoves and grills ó an added bonus! Be prepared - all of your friends and family will want to spend the summers hanging out here.

5. Increased Value

This white pergola is providing shade over an open, empty area. There is a house behind the pergola, and a sidewalk connecting the house to the pergola area.

Installing a pergola is an easy way to add desirability and curb appeal to your home, and available space does not limit you. Build a small trellis at the entrance of your home, add an eyebrow pergola over the garage or add a generous open pavilion in your backyard. Your budget and imagination are the only limitations to beautifying your home and increasing its market value with a new pergola.

6. Expanded Garden Area

This white pergola is covering an open area with brick flooring. There are plants and trees all around the pergola.

A pergola expands your growing area by supplying a wall and roof area that your plants can stretch out on, as well as shade for potted plants below. Vining plants are eager to go vertical, and you may find some types of flowers that add interest by covering the latticework.

The roof area of the pergola also provides room for hanging plants, and a small trellis can also be used over walkways as a transition between your garden and yard. This outdoor oasis not only benefits your plants but adds a beautiful focal point for you to enjoy.

7. Delineated Living Areas

This porch has light wood floors, a white pergola and a white and black railing. There is a seating area with white wicker furniture and striped cushions.

Spacious open areas of the yard or deck can be made more intimate and defined by installing a pergola to break up the expanse into multiple living zones. Providing shade in the middle of the yard is functional and adds interest.

Outdoor furniture or a small fire pit near the pergola can turn a single-use deck into an area for intimate gatherings, offering additional space for group activities on the same platform.

8. Privacy With Air Flow

This tan home has a white pergola attached to the deck area. The house has a skylight and has some green plants around the side.

A problem with building a conventional addition on your home is the walls and roofing. They close off sunlight and the free flow of air around you. A pergola can provide privacy and shade while allowing you to experience the fresh air and sunlight abundant in nature.

This also allows you to capitalize on your outdoor view. If you live on the water, in the mountains or really anywhere with a picturesque view, you want to be able to enjoy that without walls and roofing getting in the way.

9. Freestanding Design

This outdoor space has a pergola covering a seating area with two couches, a chair, a fireplace and side tables. There is an eating area with six chairs and two lanterns on the table.

Pergolas can be constructed almost anywhere on your property where you desire more shade or an outdoor design element. Since there are no continuous foundations, you only need support under the columns holding the roof. This means you can build a pergola by your pool, over your pool, by an outdoor fire pit or right in the middle of your yard ó the options are endless.

10. Expanded Parking

This light tan pergola is serving as a carport. There is a white Chevy car, a red Mazda SUV and a black Jeep SUV under the pergola.

Do you need more room to park? Nothing destroys a carís paint job faster than the direct rays of the sun. Adding a pergola instead of a carport provides protection for your automobiles and doubles as an outside entertainment area when not in use. In addition, it makes for a super stylish carport, enhancing your outdoor aesthetic. No more scorching leather seats!

Heartland Pergolas Add Value to Your Home

This brown house has a painted brown pergola covering half of the porch. There are green bushes around the porch with brown mulch.

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