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Does Your Pergola Pass the International Building Code? | Learn More

Engineer tested and approved, the Heartland Pergolas’ system will hold up to the elements no matter what area you live in. There are many pergola kits and builders out there that can piece together something that looks good for a couple of years… but is it safe and will it last? What will it look like in 5 years?  At Heartland Pergolas, we’ve taken measures to ensure your pergola not only looks beautiful, but passes the International Building Code as well.  With a Heartland Pergola purchase you will receive a lifetime warranty on the interior and exterior materials of your pergola – you will also enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your purchase has passed the structural integrity requirements of the International Building Code.

vinyl pergola kit passing engineering testsvinyl pergola kit 16x16 passes engineering standards

vinyl pergola kit 20x20 engineeredvinyl pergola kit 20x20 engineer approved

There are two types of pergolas you can buy if you’re looking for low maintenance pergola kit:

1. A box store pergola – this likely WILL NOT pass minimum requirements and will not span past 12′. The reinforcement is likely wood or air. It will look decent for the first 2-3 years you have it. It will be cheaper than everything else and you will get what you pay for.

2. A lifetime warranty pergola – there are a few different companies out there that offer lifetime warranty, low maintenance pergolas. Some of these pergolas are similar to ours, but they don’t have the testing done, they can’t span what we can, and they can’t offer you the same installation support. At Heartland Pergolas we have positioned ourselves to offer you everything you may desire out of a high-quality vinyl pergola kit. This includes: customizable options, aesthetically pleasing final product, roofs up to 24′ long without additional posts, lifetime warranty interior, lifetime warranty low maintenace exterior – and best of all – an aggressive price. You will get what you pay for if you purchase a Heartland Pergola – but rest assured you will not overpay. We are priced “in the middle” of the low maintenance pergola market – yet we offer you the best of the best when it comes to customer support, pergola design, engineering tests tangibles (ask the compeition for tangibles), video walkthroughs on installation, and a transparent sales process. We are a family business and we are successful because we care.

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A copy of our most recent engineering test results which covers any pergola sized 20×20 or smaller (yes, we said tangibles!):

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