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Pergola Installation - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have installation instructions?

Each kit will come with the corresponding instruction manual for that pergola. It will list step-by-step how to install, what tools are needed and show diagrams for the installation. You will also get your related CAD drawing for your pergola as well.

You are welcome to download the digital version of our instruction manuals ahead of time if you want to take a look at the process first!

We also have installation videos available 24/7 playable from YouTube Play List. Our Video Installation series will break down each step into a short video so you can see exactly how each step is completed.

Q: Can I install the pergola myself?

We have many customers who go the DIY route to install their pergola! If you have some basic building experience and knowledge with some simple tools, you can build a pergola.

We provide you with written installation instructions, video tutorials online, and the best customer service you can get!

You can watch our videos ahead of time to see if you feel comfortable working with the tools and materials needed to build your pergola. Our Installation Videos are divided up into short step-by-step clips that are to the point and show you exactly how each part is completed.

General guidelines for DIYers;

  • Be able to lift 80lbs
  • Be able to use a tape measure and level
  • Be able to use a circular saw or miter saw
  • Be able to use a drill
  • Be able to level and align your columns and beams

Q: Do you have installers in my area?

At the current time we do not have specific installers for every geographical area.

These pergolas are typically a great fit for any handyman service, fence and deck contractor, landscape professional or general contractor.

We are happy to talk to any professional you choose to hire before or during the installation process if they have questions! We have started a new Facebook Group dedicated to pergolas and outdoor living that is open to both homeowners as well as professionals and can be a way to connect with a local professional in your area. Check it out!

Q: What tools do I need to install a pergola?

The tools needed for your pergola installation are pretty standard;

  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ladder(s)
  • Drill
  • 6" drill extension (or 12" drill extension if you have 2x8 beams)
  • Drill bits & Drivers; Phillips bit, 5/8" drill bit, 3/8" magnetic driver
  • A circular saw or miter saw with carbide blade
  • Hammer Drill if mounting to concrete footings

Helpful items to have;

  • String Line - lining up purlin holders
  • Quick Clamps/Trigger Clamps
  • Step Drill Bit - boring additional holes for electrical
  • lubricating oil - trimming aluminum pieces
  • Composite Shims - leveling posts
  • Sawhorses
  • De-burring tool - clean up ragged ends of vinyl
  • A helper or two - two sets of hands are very helpful for installation of ledger boards, beams and rafters

Tools for digging and setting pier type footings;

  • Hand digger/auger
  • Scrap Lumber for making forms
  • Concrete stakes for holding forms
  • Wheelbarrow or small concrete mixer
  • Shovel
  • Trowel
  • Wrench for anchors on post

Q: Do you have installation instructions in Spanish?

?Guia de Instalacion en Espanol?

Yes! Please see our Traditional Pergola Installation guide.
Si! Consulte nuestra Guia de Instalacionde Pergolas Tradicionales a continuacion.

Q: How long does it take to install a pergola?

If you are installing the pergola yourself, most DIYers can have it completed in under 2 days. If you need to pour concrete footings, this will increase your time a little to form and set the concrete prior to installation.

A professional contractor or handyman can often finish the project in a day or less.

We always advise not to install your pergola last minute for a special event; party, wedding, graduation, etc. Particularly as a DIYer – give yourself a couple weeks buffer between installation & your event to ensure there are no delays between shipping, installation errors, inclement weather etc.

Q: Can I install a pergola on a paver patio?

Our pergolas look GREAT on a paver patio! But proper installation requires that you install your posts on a 4” minimum concrete slab or on concrete footings. Attaching to the top of patio pavers is not safe or considered proper installation of your pergola.

If you are starting your entire landscape project from scratch, typically you will put your footings in and install the pergola posts first, then lay your pavers for the patio.

If you are working on an existing paver patio, you will want to pull up the pavers where your posts need to go, add in your footings and install your posts, then add your pavers back in around your posts.

pergola footing for paver patio

Q: Can I install a pergola on a deck?

Yes – our pergolas are a great option for a deck! The aluminum & vinyl combination are light enough to be installed on a deck without additional support needed. You can also integrate your pergola’s posts into your deck railing for a seamless look and to keep your deck space unobstructed.

While you should not need additional beam support on a properly built deck, you do need to have blocking installed below the flooring of your deck where your posts will be mounted. Minimum blocking thickness of 3" (this is two 2x10's thick).

Inset mount as necessary to ensure post skirt does not overhang edge of decking

  • Minimum 6.25" inset from edge to center of mount for a 10" round column
  • Minimum 3.25" inset from edge to center of mount for 5x5 post

Ensure Minimum of 4 nails on each side of 2 by block

For your post mount Fasteners use Carriage Bolts or ledger attachment screw (5" Recommended) and Use composite shims as necessary to plumb mount. Tighten fasteners.

pergola post attached to deck

Where to next?

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