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The 25 Best Vinyl Pergola Ideas to Love in 2023

Getting to enjoy semi-normal life of 2022 was great! Travel was back in full swing for many. And while it was GREAT to be out, it’s undeniable that home is still where you want to be. It sure is great to have a space you can love. With that in mind, it’s time to get back to epic backyard projects for your home! Whether you are an ambitious DIYer or looking for pergola design ideas before calling a pro, here are some of the best vinyl pergola designs and ideas you can implement for your home this year!

  1. Modern Pergola with sleek lines

    A white Modern pergola in a backyard next to a pool

    Pergolas don’t need to be ornate or give off traditional vibes if that is not your style. You can still have a pergola that aesthetically fits your clean simple home design when you opt for a modern style pergola!

  2. Sun Seekers Paradise – Open Pergola Design

    Freestanding white vinyl pergola on a tropical patio. Pergola has no roof just beams for decoration.

    A pergola with great design is more than enough to stand on its own; as a show piece, a conversation starter, and a beautiful structure to define your outdoors. This rafter only pergola may not be built for shade, but it creates a beautiful and inviting area to any space!

  3. Elegant Outdoor Curtains

    White pergola with black and white stripe outdoor curtains on a patio

    You can create that breezy beach cabana look at your home by hanging some flowy outdoor curtains on your pergola. Or choose outdoor curtains that add a pop of color or a bold look creating a room that feels like an extension of your home. Curtains can also add a bit of privacy when you need it, but easily pull back when you don’t!

  4. Corner Pergolas

    Triangle or corner pergola on an outdoor hardscape patio with arbor

    Break up a larger patio or create a cozy nook by adding a corner pergola to your home. Whether over your favorite outdoor lounger or your grill, a corner pergola is an eye catching and unexpected design that is sure to please!

  5. Attach your pergola to your roof

    White pergola on patio with roof riser attachment to the home

    When there are space constraints at your home that make it challenging to either attach or find enough room for a freestanding pergola, one option is to use roof risers as your attachment point for your pergola. This leaves a better footprint with two less posts in your way.

  6. Outdoor Sun Shades – Pergola shades

    White deck pergola with pull down sun screens to block sunlight from the sides

    Pergolas aren’t perfect – they can’t prevent the sun from shining in at a low angle during the rising or setting skies. But you can add some smart accessories to enjoy your space no matter what time of day. We love these sun shades as they install easily and have solid grommets for easy attachment points to prevent blowing around.

  7. Privacy Please – Pergola Privacy Panels

    White patio pergola with vinyl fence style privacy panels

    Adding a privacy panel to your pergola can help create separation from a neighbor who is a little too close or may have an unsightly yard. Using a vinyl privacy fence or vinyl separator, fits a vinyl pergola perfectly. Like it was designed together as one cohesive unit!

  8. Vertical Gardens – Climbing Pergola Plants

    White patio pergola with climbing flowering vines

    If all things green make you happy, growing vines and other climbing plants along your pergola can bring added color and shade to your pergola structure. On a patio based pergola, potted climbing plants were set near the base of each post and some climbing netting was used to help get the vines started.

  9. Light up your Nights – Pergola Lighting

    White modern pergola with cantina bistro lights at night

    Of course bistro lights are all the rage again. They are easy to hang, inexpensive and instantly create a festive outdoor space. For an additional glow up on lighting though, look at wiring in decorative sconces along the interior post columns or hanging a decorative outdoor chandelier! This amazing chandelier takes lighting from festive to truly fabulous!

  10. Attached Pergolas

    White attached modern pergola over a patio at night with lights

    Extend your living space outdoors with an attached pergola! Anchored into the side of your home, an attached pergola is going to provide you with a beautiful space just outside your door.

  11. Integrated Deck Pergolas

    White vinyl deck pergola on back of home

    You absolutely can and should add a pergola to your deck! Vinyl pergola are perfect on your deck as they are light weight and often don’t require any additional structural components to carry the additional weight!

  12. Outdoor Kitchen Pergolas

    White vinyl pergola on landscape columns over an outdoor kitchen and bar

    You can define your outdoor kitchen with a vinyl pergola overhead, keeping your grill master shaded or keeping the area cool while slaving arounds around a smoker!

  13. Nights around the fire – Can a fire pit go under a pergola?

    White modern pergola with cantina bistro lights and firepit at night

    One of the most frequent questions we hear is can I place a fire pit under a pergola? Because pergolas are open and airy, smoke, CO2 and excess heat are able to safely dissipate while still remaining under your structure. A gas fire pit is best but if you do use wood burning, just be sure to use a fire screen to help keep embers from escaping. And always check with local regulations on the use of firepits in your municipality.

  14. Freestanding Pergola

    White freestanding pergola on top of landscape columns over a outdoor kitchen and dining area

    Freestanding pergolas are common on patios and garden spaces. They provide all the support needed to stand on their own with 4 or more posts. Freestanding pergolas are versatile and can go just about anywhere making them a popular choice for many homeowners.

  15. Dining Outdoors – Pergola Dining Rooms

    White freestanding pergola over a hardscaped patio outdoor dining room

    If the goal is to create an outdoor dining room and dine al fresco from the comfort of your home, a backyard pergola can create that needed feasting space.

  16. Poolside Cabana Pergola

    White poolside pergola with curtains and loungers

    When looking for an escape from the sun and water, a pergola can act as a perfect poolside cabana to hideaway in. The welcome shade is a great break for your skin from all the UV rays and beat the heat!

  17. Old World Charm – Traditional Pergolas

    Large white traditional pergola with round post columns on a large traditional brick home at night

    Some classics never die, like this traditional pergola with round columns and decorative edges. Perfect for that high class, traditionally elegant, landscaped home and yard.

  18. Outdoor Living Room

    Comfy outdoor furniture on a deck under a large white pergola

    Whether you chose to cozy up with a good book on your own, or spend an evening relaxing with friends, a pergola can help define your outdoor living room area.

  19. Pergola Patio Covers

    Clear roof on top of outdoor pato pergola

    New pergola styles offer solid rooftops or a roof that can open and close to shield you from the rain. If you are partial to having a little light be able to shine through from above but still wish for the water proofing of a solid roof, try adding a polycarbonate sheet over your traditional vinyl pergola roof! Keeps you dry while still enjoying the light!

  20. Pergola Outdoor Fans

    Deck pergola with a outdoor ceiling fan

    Pergolas by nature are great for air flow as they are very open. But on the hottest days when there is no wind blowing, the heat can be stifling no matter where you are. Adding a fan to your pergola helps get the air moving again so that you can enjoy your space even on those scorching days!

  21. Cozy Pergola Furnishings

    outdoor chairs and furniture on patio with a white pergola

    While the structure of your pergola is going to make it a natural place to gather, having the right outdoor furniture ensures your guests want to stay cozied up next to you! A great outdoor couch or lounger is the perfect addition to outdoor living.

  22. A Perfect Shade Structure

    White patio pergola fully shading patio area with the louvred purlins blocking midday sun

    The right pergola can create full or nearly full shade protection from overhead sun. This pergola without any additional roof or sunshades is perfectly shaded from noon sun!

  23. Double Trouble – Multiple Pergolas

    If one pergola is great, having two doubles your fun, right? You get two defined and shaded spaces to use. Not to mention perfect symmetry for all your type A personalities out there!

  24. Set in Stone – Hardscape Pergola ideas

    Freestanding pergola on hardscape designed patio with stone columns

    Up your landscaping game with stone landscape columns! Your pergola can be attached to the top of the landscape column or design your landscape column around an existing pergola post to instantly elevate your space.

  25. The Outdoor Man Cave Pergola

    Outdoor living patio with tv, firepit and furniture under a large white pergola on stone columns

    Whoever insinuated that all guys want to be in some dark drab man cave, doesn’t have one of these! Outdoor TV, check! Outdoor loungers, check! Pergola, check! An outdoor living room is definitely cooler than any man cave I have ever seen!

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