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Pergola Shipping & Returns - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to ship?

Our full-size pergolas arrive to you within 3 weeks. We allow for two weeks of custom fabrication and 1 week for shipping via LTL.

Our eyebrow pergola kits are shipped via UPS and typically arrive in one week.

You will receive shipping information on both to be able to track and manage your delivery!

Q: What is the shipping process?

As you can imagine, shipping a full size pergola is a little different than recieving a small Amazon package. Please read read through this information to understand the shipping process before you order! Full size pergolas are shipped by freight via LTL (less than truckload). In other words by semi truck!

  1. Once your order is placed with Heartland Pergolas, you will receive a lead time from your estimator.
  2. When your pergola kit is fabricated and shipped out, your estimator will provide you with tracking information on your pergola kit as it ships to you.
  3. The freight company will call you once the pergola kit has arrived at their local distribution center – they will schedule the delivery to you.
  4. You will be responsible for the unloading of your pergola kit when it arrives unless you choose White Glove Delivery Service with the freight company (additional charges will apply for this).
  5. If on some rare occurrence there is damage to any parts of your pergola kit due to shipping – we will replace these parts immediately at no cost to you. Once arrived at your location, do not reject your pergola kit’s shipment for any reason.
  6. We do not accept returns of pergola kits once they are paid for in full and have left our fabrication facility.

To understand the unloading process please read the instructions and watch our hand unloading video below!

Q: How do I unload my pergola when it arrives?

Any full size pergola is going to be palletized and boat wrapped for shipping. These pallets are large, often times 16-25’ in length. They are shipped LTL – which is by truck or semi. A truck will be delivering your pergola pallet to your home.

NOTE: If your road or neighborhood cannot sustain a large truck or semi, please let us know at the time of ordering!

Shipping times will be communicated to you ahead of time and there must be someone present to accept and unload your pergola at the time arranged.

There are three methods of unloading your pergola kit: White Glove Delivery, Forklift, or Hand Unload.

White Glove Delivery: Trucking companies can offer White Glove Delivery Service, in which they will unload your pergola for you but that is an additional charge through the freight company – it is often more economical to hire someone locally to unload this for you versus using the freight company’s service. If you are interested in this service you must communicate that to the freight company at the time they call to schedule delivery.

Forklift: For outdoor professionals, we encourage you to use your forklift to unload the truck if you have one on hand. If not, you’ll need to follow the same procedure as our residential customers to hand unload – unpack each piece and verify it against your packing list.

pergola pieces are on a pallet wrapped in boat wrap with a forklift truck moving the pallet

Hand Unload: Your typical residence will not have a forklift to remove the pallet from the truck so most homeowners will need to hand unload the pergola. Watch the short video or read through the instructions below. This process should take two able bodied adults 10-15 minutes.

  1. Have an area designated to set your pieces on.
  2. Use a hammer or crowbar to remove the upper supports of the pallet.
  3. Use a box cutter or scissors to carefully open the boat wrap.
  4. One adult can begin lifting pieces from the pallet, walking them to the end of the truck and handing them off to another adult on the ground who can walk them to the place you want to set them. No single piece will weigh more than 50lbs. Keep repeating this process until all pergola pieces are removed from the truck – including any boxes which would contain your fasteners, hardware and instructions.
  5. Once you have everything unloaded, use the provided checklist to ensure that all your parts are accounted for.

If you find any damange or missing pieces please do not reject your shipment! Take a photo of the damaged piece(s) and contact us. Our team will get replacement parts out to you right away and at no additional cost. Rejecting a shipment will incur return shipping fees and large delays in getting you your pergola!

Watch the hand unloading process in this short video for reference.

Q: Can I pick up my pergola order?

You can! If you are close enough to make the drive to our Davenport, IA fabrication shop, you can bring a trailer to pick up your pergola when it is ready. Please let us know ahead of time that you want to pick up so the details can be arranged. Our crew will load the pergola for you.

Please note that all pergolas are palletized and boat wrapped to protect the pergola pieces. These pallets are typically 16’-25’ long. We can give you exact dimension of your pallet ahead of time so you can plan your truck/trailer accordingly.

pergola pieces are put on a pallet and boat wrapped ready for shipment

Q: What if something is missing or damaged?

Please recognize that although we have wonderful reviews and pride ourselves on our customer service – we are still human and the care of the shipping company is out of our hands. While damage or missing items is not common, if anything is damaged or incorrect we will take care of it right away (within 24 hours)! Take photos of the damage to help us see what the issue is and which pieces are affected. Do not reject your delivery!

Then call 563-345-6745 to let us know, and we’ll get replacement parts to you as quickly as possible at no cost to you – even if we have to remake your entire kit. There’s no need to file a claim with the carrier – we’ll take care of everything.

You must notify us of damaged parts within 24 hours of the received the shipment.

Replacement purlins or purlin holders - these vinyl only pieces are the most susceptible to damage in the shipping process. If these are damaged, whether our fault or yours, these will be shipped out to you via UPS in 6' or less increments that will be installed by splicing together the shorter pieces.

Shipping these pieces as shorter spliced sections ensures you get your replacement pieces quickly and with no additional damage! Spliced vinyl pieces are easy to install and you can review our purlin splice PDF for details. Spliced vinyl pieces will not affect the look or stability of your pergola.

Q: How much is shipping?

For all orders in the continental US, shipping is already included!

If you live outside of the continental US and would like a quote on shipping, please contact Elizabeth for a shipping quote!

Q: What is your return policy?

Due to the custom nature of our product, we cannot accept returns. All pergola kits are made to order specifically for your space and requirements. We recommend you work directly with our team to discuss all potential site, climate, and installation requirements before you make your purchase to ensure that you get exactly the materials that you need.

We want you to be happy with your purchase, if there is a problem just reach out and we will work with you to make it right.

It doesn’t happen often but if you do find something missing or damaged, we will replace it immediately.

Where to next?

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