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Care & Cleaning

What should I use to clean my pergola?

The durable vinyl exterior of your Heartland Pergola will maintain its beauty for years to come. For spring cleaning of dirt and grime, mix a basic all-purpose cleaner such as Simple Green® with hot water, then scrub with a soft bristle brush. You can also tackle hard-to-clean stains with a Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser®.

Can I use a power washer to clean my pergola?

We do. A power washer is an excellent way to avoid any brush cleaning. Please take into consideration the power of your machine. There are commercial power washers that are strong enough to remove the paint off your new car.

Too much pressure, or moving the spray nozzle too close to the vinyl can damage it. You might be surprised to find out how well a normal hose with a good spray nozzle works too!

Can I paint my pergola?

Absolutely. We recommend Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint® (exterior acrylic latex) for a durable finish.

Can I hang a porch swing or hammock from my pergola?

Unfortunately, no. Our pergola kits are designed to provide shade and sun protection but are not built to handle a moving force like a swing or hammock. If you are looking for a structure that can accommodate these features, contact an estimator to find out about creating a custom pergola to meet your needs.

Can I grow vines on my Heartland Pergola?

In most cases, yes! Vines can increase the amount of shade your pergola provides and enhance the natural beauty of the structure. Avoid woody vines such as wisteria, however; they can undermine the structural integrity of your pergola.

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