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What the Heck is an Eyebrow Pergola?

Eyebrow Pergola on outside of home - Heartland Pergolas

Kind of a funny name – Eyebrow Pergola – and it can be referred to by other names as well, garage pergola, wall pergola, or window pergola. So, what is an Eyebrow Pergola exactly? If you have ever seen a standard pergola, it’s a structure that is used at homes and gardens as a focal point or gathering space. Pergolas typically have posts and beam structure but no solid roof. An eyebrow pergola takes that architectural element and condenses it down into a wall mounted mini version that will frequently be found above garage doors, windows or over a patio area of your home.

One of the main appeals of an eyebrow pergola is simply its look. Depending on the style of the eyebrow pergola, it can compliment the style of the home adding dimension, color, decoration or curb appeal! A metal eyebrow pergola can complement a modern or urban style home. A wood eyebrow pergola would be fitting on a more rustic home, cabin or cottage and a white wood or vinyl eyebrow pergola with decorative trim would be fitting for many traditional or craftsmen style homes.

Eyebrow Pergola before & after - Heartland Pergolas

A lot of mid-range homes in the last couple of decades have been built with very plain, cookie-cutter exteriors. Many people are finding that adding something simple, like an eyebrow pergola, is a way to give a bit of a face lift to their home, adding aesthetic value and differentiating their home from the rest in the neighborhood!

Eyebrow Pergola over deck of a home - Heartland Pergolas

Another benefit of some eyebrow pergolas is to offer shade! This will depend on the type of eyebrow pergola chosen. There are plenty that are strictly for looks. If you choose a louvred pergola however, you can help keep harsh midday sun from streaming into your windows or doors. Installed above your garage or patio, can extend the amount of shade offered. A louvred style eyebrow pergola is going to act much like an awning or sunshade in that regard.

Now keep in mind, due to their size, an eyebrow pergola can only offer a small area of shade in comparison to a full pergola structure but that can be just enough to keep you shielded in your patio chair or help keep your living room window from direct sun light!

One thing to keep in mind is that the material of your eyebrow pergola matters! For the same reasons we advocate on materials used for our standard Heartland pergolas, longevity of your Eyebrow pergola depends on your materials. Style wise, the materials used will also influence the look on your home.

Eyebrow Pergola over garage door - Heartland Pergolas

While wood is a classic choice – you still have all the maintenance issues with either annually painting or staining, as well as the eventual deterioration as the wood rots, sags, ages, splits and cracks. Your wood eyebrow pergola would need to be replaced after a few years.

Most metal eyebrow pergolas/awnings are going to be made of aluminum rather than steel so that they do not rust and are more lightweight for ease in hanging. An all-metal eyebrow pergola has a look that is very specific to a limited number of homes. If your home doesn’t have modern or industrial qualities, adding an all-metal pergola may look out of place.

Eyebrow Pergola over deck of a home - Heartland Pergolas

A vinyl eyebrow pergola offers you maintenance free worry once installed – a simple spray down to clean once or twice a year with your hose is about all the work you will need to put in! And with a system like Heartland Pergolas, the eyebrow pergola has an aluminum interior structure that provides excellent support and longevity with a timeless and lifetime warrantied outer vinyl!

You can learn more about our eyebrow pergola kits online at our website. Get pricing details, photo ideas and inspiraton and be connected to our helpful team ready to assist you every step of the way! Connect with us today and see why Heartland is the best choice for your Eyebrow Pergola!

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