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Garage Pergola Kits: Add Flair to Your Home's Look

As a homeowner, you take pride in your home’s appearance and strive to make it beautiful. You could change up the siding, install new windows, create beautiful landscaping and so much more, but your garage may be left untouched, which can leave it looking out-of-place. The solution is garage pergola kits.

Luckily, there is an easy way to update your garage’s look: add an eyebrow pergola. Heartland Pergolas offers high-quality eyebrow pergolas that you can install as over-the-window pergolas or as a garage pergola. It is a simple, beautiful way to enhance the look of your home without spending a fortune.†


What Is an Eyebrow Pergola Kit?


Garage Pergola Kit Over Single Garage Door

A garage pergola and an eyebrow pergola refer to the same thing. They are short, cantilevered pergolas that get attached directly to your home’s exterior structure, without any vertical columns. An eyebrow pergola expands a short distance away from the structure ó typically about three feet ó so there is no need for additional support legs.†

Eyebrow pergolas can be installed above a window, door or garage. You can even use multiple eyebrow pergola systems to create a longer pergola along your home’s front exterior.†


5 Benefits of Heartland Eyebrow Garage Pergola Kits


1. They Are More Durable

Traditional pergolas use wood or wood inserts, which can weaken over time. Heartland Pergolas’ garage pergola kits are made just like their regular pergolas: with high-quality, premium extruded vinyl sleeves around a heavy-duty aluminum core.†

This creates a pergola that can withstand strong winds, rain and snow, and will never rust, rot, crack, warp or peel. Additionally, the vinyl will never fade, chalk or weather, so there is no need to worry about painting or staining.


2. They Provide More Shade

Wall Pergola Eyebrow pergola over back patio

Even though a garage pergola is small, one great benefit is that it provides more shade to the area. While you may not necessarily need shade for the garage, it can help protect the garage door and surrounding siding from fading under harsh sunlight.†

Heartland Pergolas are designed with louvered purlins, which are diagonal slats, angled at 45 degrees or more to provide up to 90 percent shade – much more shade than traditional whole pergola systems that only offer 20 to 30 percent shade coverage.


3. A DIY-Friendly Project

Another great benefit of choosing a garage pergola from Heartland Pergolas is the easy assembly. Unlike other pergola systems, these pergolas are easy and straightforward in their assembly, making them great DIY projects.†

One of their garage pergola kits can easily be installed in a few hours, with just a few helping hands. Being so DIY-friendly also means that you can order a bigger system and trim it down to the proper size if you want to, or you can easily splice systems together to create a bigger eyebrow pergola.


4. They Are Cost-Effective

White attached wall pergola above double garage door on blue house

When you think about pergolas, you usually think of big price tags, but thatís another benefit of Heartland Pergolas. Their pergola systems are much more affordable, making a garage pergola possible for more homeowners. The team at Heartland Pergolas will work with you to create the perfect eyebrow garage pergola for your home and budget.


5. Easy to Maintain

Wood pergolas require a lot of maintenance to stay looking good. Cleaning, staining and sealing the wood are just some of the required upkeep. However, with a garage pergola from Heartland Pergolas, there is no need to worry about any extensive upkeep.†

All you need to do is pressure wash it twice a year, and it will always look as good as new. You donít ever have to worry about damage to the aluminum core, and you will never have to worry about the vinyl cracking, fading, chalking or warping.


In the End, It’s About Aesthetics


Long Triple Car Garage Pergola over garage doors

While all of these benefits are great, what really makes an eyebrow garage pergola worthwhile for homeowners is the aesthetic. A garage pergola is a great way to help enhance your home’s curb appeal by adding a unique touch.†

It does this by creating a three-dimensional look on the exterior of your home. It can also help your garage doors stand out if they feature a particular design that is out-of-the-ordinary. Your home’s value will increase, even though this is a seemingly small detail.†

A garage pergola is a great, simple way to add a little extra style to the front of your home’s exterior. It is a small addition, but it can have a big impact and enhance the overall appearance while also providing some shade. However, you don’t want to choose just any brand of eyebrow pergola. You want one that is attractive, durable, and both easy to install and maintain.†

Heartland Pergolas offers all of these features with their vinyl, aluminum core pergola kits. When you choose Heartland Pergolas, you can have a beautiful garage pergola system without the massive price tag or the need to hire a professional installer.

Contact a team member at Heartland Pergolas today for more information on a customized garage pergola kit or start shopping for your pergola kit now!

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