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12 Covered Outdoor Living Space Trends to Try in 2022

The past year brought many changes for most of America, and those changes included how we enjoy our outdoor living spaces. With a considerable portion of the population working from home, a covered outdoor living space is no longer just a spot to barbecue on the weekend.

Those whose main employment was sourced from an office space now earn a living from their home and want to spend some of their workdays outside ó or escape to the outdoors as soon as they clock out. That means the outdoor living area must function as a place of relaxation and commerce. Who says you canít have both?

1. Landscape Pergola

This white pergola stands alone above an outdoor eating area. There are green shrubs on the sides of the poles, and there are trees in the yard.

Pergolas are best known for being attached to a home, but they can also serve as a point of interest in the general landscape scheme for your home. Since the pandemic, homeowners have begun to spruce up their outdoor design and landscape. As we enter 2022, pergolas are a great and easy element to incorporate into outdoor spaces.

Homeowners with larger yards often have areas that require a lot of shrubs and flowers to make them attractive, but a free-standing pergola can add function and decoration, eliminating the need for year-round attention to a planting schedule and lawn maintenance.

The addition of a table and chairs turns this inviting setting into a wonderful place to enjoy friends or work, while the stone columns supporting the pergola carry the eyes from the retaining wall upward, adding vertical appeal.

2. Cozy Fire Pit

This outdoor seating area has a fire pit centered amongst chairs. It is night, and the fireplace brightens up the space.

There is something intimate and soothing about an outdoor fire pit. It takes the chill off of a cool evening, and the light provided by the fire draws everyoneís attention to the center of the gathering. Most of us can remember a camping adventure where roasting marshmallows over the fire made for great memories. A pergola defines this space as an area of recreation, but also provides shade and an area to work during the day.

3. Double Decker

This three-story house with red siding has two pergolas, one on the ground and one on the second-floor porch. There is green grass surrounding the home.

Above-ground decks can leave a lot of space unused below the structure, but this home has taken advantage of the shade provided by pergolas to add a second grassy area adjacent to the deck. With gardening becoming a popular pastime in 2022, a pergola can serve as a great place to put any plants that need a shady home or extra protection from heavy rains.

Some people opt to complete the space with a concrete patio below, but leaving the grass saves homeowners money and time. Not only can it be used for gardening, but the area could also give youngsters a safe place to play, protected from the sun.

4. Sleek, Modern Pergola

This white, modern home has a squared-edge pergola that matches the home. There are lined shadows on the flooring, and there is a sliding door for guests to use.

If your home was built using a modern architectural design, a classic pergola with rounded edges will not be an acceptable aesthetic match. But this pergola features sleek, square edges and columns that perfectly complement the home ó all while providing a comfortable outdoor space to relax under.

Notice how the shadows from the roof slats mimic the appearance of the outdoor shades, as they seem to expand the living area to the outdoors. This intentional design amplifies the look of this outdoor oasis, making it a focal point your neighbors will envy.

5. Classic White With Matching Rails

This ranch home has a light yellow siding with a white pergola on the back porch There are two hanging plants and two potted plants on the deck railing. There are various plants in the mulch in front of the porch.

A front porch deck is a significant add-on for a ranch home, but it is not all that inspiring by itself. This classic pergola adds charm and provides a cool retreat for visitors and family. As temperatures start to cool off, this backyard area will still welcome anyone looking for a relaxing seat with a view. In addition, the matching railing system completes the feel of an outdoor living room, adding a sense of privacy and security.

6. Convenient Drop Shade

This home has a back decking area with a white pergola attached. There is a screen on the side of the pergola, and there is no furniture on the deck under the pergola.

With over half of the total workforce working remotely, it's important to have a space that allows you to escape the four walls of your at-home office. An outdoor area is a great place to get some work done while enjoying the fresh air.

However, depending on where you live, it may be impossible to block the sun at certain times of the day. Drop shades have become a popular solution to increase shade, and utilizing a free-standing pergola is the perfect way to mount them. This low-cost remodeling project turns a deck that was only usable in the morning and evening into an all-day outside entertainment and work-from-home area.

7. Expanded Patio

This shaded area has a tan pergola over top of a concrete slab. There isnít any furniture below the pergola, and it isnít attached to the home.

A patio is only suitable for entertainment when the sun is not bearing down on you. Essentially, this means you only have a few hours of shaded enjoyment during the day. An easily-installed, stand-alone pergola is a great way to access more of your patio space during heat peaks.

This would also be the perfect spot to grow shade-loving potted plants. If you like to read or work outdoors on your computer, the only thing needed is a chair and table to hold your coffee.

8. Privacy Trellis

This two-story home with tan siding has a white pergola attached to the porch. There is a privacy trellis on the side of the deck, and there is a playset in the backyard.

Spending time on your porch is an excellent way to relax, but if you have neighbors that live right next door, you may be uncomfortable out in the open. Adding a privacy trellis allows you to relax and provides a friendly wall between you and your neighbor. It also provides even more shade for your space and can also serve as a barrier between you and gusty winds.

9. Country Porch With a View

This wooden pergola is set above half of this homeís back deck, leaving one side in direct sunlight and the other side with shade. There are green shrubs surrounding the deckís perimeter.

A tan and brown color scheme ties the attached pergola to the railing system and adds to the woodland setting surrounding this cottage. Covered decks with railing systems are a natural way to provide the comfort of being inside with the peace and beauty of being outdoors. There is ample room under the canopy for a cozy gathering and a wide-open space for those who want the full sun.

10. Outdoor Covered Kitchen and Bar

This outdoor bar has a tan pergola covering the eating area. There are black chairs pulled up to the bar. The space overlooks the rest of the neighborhood.

Outdoor kitchens have been trending for some time now. With many restaurants closed or having seating restrictions, cooking at home has become more of a celebration than a chore, and cooking outside is the epitome of that experience.

Adding a bar to the space ensures everyone can enjoy themselves with fine food and fellowship. Housing this entertainment spot under a pergola allows you to enjoy all the benefits of being outside without the dangers of exposure to the full rays of the sun.

11. Deck Pergola With 90% Shade Pattern

This large deck has a white pergola attached to provide shade. There are a couple chairs on the deck looking out to a body of water. There is a black and white railing across the deckís perimeter.

2021 was a big year for purchasing vacation homes. For people that were tired of being at home 24/7, a vacation home was a great way to escape their everyday life without actually having to book a vacation.

As people start to utilize their vacation homes in 2022, some might plan to stay for extended periods of time and work remotely. With pergolas providing ample shade, these people can take their work outside and still enjoy the view of their vacation home. In fact, why not get a porch that is so shaded that it can be enjoyed all day long?

Handmade pergolas are usually constructed in such a way that the shade provided is not customizable. However, this porch is covered with a roof that offers 90% shade, while still offering the freedom of a covered outdoor living space that is not closed in. This design provides both heavy shade and full sun on the same deck, great for those who are working and those there to get a nice tan.

12. Poolside Retreat

This outdoor space has a pool with blue water and white siding. There is a seating area with a white pergola and a stone fireplace. There are a few chairs under the pergola, and there are trees behind it.

During 2020 and 2021, people invested in pools because of vacation cancellations and extended days at home. Instead of buying in a vacation home, some people created their own, permanent backyard oasis. As people finish up the construction process and prepare to enjoy these new features in 2022, itís a great time to install a poolside pergola.

Anyone that has ever been poolside knows that you need a place to escape to when the sun gets too hot. Tucked away on the side of the yard, this outdoor space offers a shady area during the hot days of summer. It also makes for a great place to work while keeping a watchful eye on your children playing in the pool during their summer vacations.

To extend the use of the area into the cooler months, add a fireplace to provide heat and comfort. It also serves as a cooking station for hot dogs, smores and more.

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