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Price Range & Features

This page offers a quick reveal of our average pricing options. For specific pricing on your pergola use our Design-Your-Pergola option or contact a team member at 563-345-6745. Our average vinyl pergola kit price is $5,000 to $7,200. Take 30 seconds to understand why:

All lifetime warranty aluminum interior reinforcements

You are putting your family and friends under this pergola. Don’t skimp and use wood that will sag or fail over time. We have designed our vinyl pergola kits to be a one-and-done installation. That means no warping, sagging, or dangerous structural failures over the course of time. If you’re looking for the the cheapest pergola on the market a Heartland Pergola probably isn’t a good fit for you.

Our vinyl pergola creates REAL shade.

Our angled shade system on the pergola’s roof allows for 50%, 75%, or 90% shade patterns. Our team members can help you orient your pergola in the correct direction to maximize your shade coverage. The internal aluminum reinforcements allow for easy add-on drop shades or privacy paneling between posts. Don’t need shade? Contact one of our team members and get those pieces removed for a reduced price.

A small team specializing in vinyl pergolas

We are a family business that specializes in lifetime warranty, low-maintenance products. Our vinyl pergolas (and the support that goes with them!) are so good we started offering them on a national level in 2014. Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor you will receive one of our team member’s cell phone numbers to fully support your project from start to finish. You can call, email or text. Oh – and we don’t disappear on nights and weekends if you need us!

Vinyl Pergola Kit’s Interior Aluminum Post

The vinyl pergola kit’s interior aluminum post stiffener ships out 10’6″ long

Display Vinyl Pergola

This display vinyl pergola shows 90% shade on the left and the 75% shade level on the right

Choose Your Pergola Options

You can see all available options on our Custom Quote Page!

  • Style - Modern or Traditional pergola styles. Modern Pergolas enclose all exposed edges with the top pergola beams while Traditional Pergolas have exposed rafter, beam and purlin ends.
  • Type - Freestanding or Attached. Freestanding Pergolas will be fully supported by their own posts on all sides while Attached Pergolas are attached to your structure on at least one side.
  • Size - Every space is unique, we have sizes to fit any area! If you don't see a size listed that you need, reach out to customer support OR you can order the size of pergola that is one size larger than your smallest measurement and cut it down to your particular length. Our kits are meant to be trimmable so you can easily go around structural objects that bump out or would otherwise prevent you from putting in a pergola.
  • Shade Level - Your chosen shade level changes how close together our purlins come together, which effects your amount of shade under the pergola. For purely decorative pergolas our rafters only or 50% shade options allow maximum sun exposure from overhead. Majority of our kits are sold with 75% shade level. Our 90% option allows for the most blockage of direct overhead sun, still allowing air movement but protecting you from harmful UV rays!
  • Posts - No matter which you choose, all posts are engineered with a full-length aluminum stiffener that provides the support for your pergola. The post column styles are purely aesthetic to match your home's look. Choose from a 5" Square, 7" Square or 10" Round Post.
  • Beam Caps - On Traditional Style Pergolas you have your choice of beam caps! Our most popular is the Scroll Cap, classic and traditional in look. Bevel Cap, decorative but with a more sleek edge. Flat Cap, simple, clean and modern.
  • Color - Heartland Pergolas come in either solid White or Sandstone Tan color. Did you know you can order a free sample to check it out before committing?
  • Fan Mount - The louvred purlin design of our pergolas allows for natural air flow but to help on those extra hot days, a fan (or two) can be added to help you stay cool! Our fabrication team can add a fan mount to your pergola so that you can choose your desired style of fan to add once the pergola is up. Running your electrical is easy as the aluminum inserts used for support are hollow. Everything stays cleanly out of view!
  • Hurricane Clips - While our pergolas are designed to stand up to the elements, certain areas of the country may have more issues with high winds. To protect your investment further you can add on Hurricane Clips which add on an additional Pergola Wind Warranty. In engineering tests, Heartland Pergolas that were properly anchored into a wood deck are rated for winds up to 115 mph, while pergolas properly anchored in via concrete are rated for winds up to 150mph! So, a properly installed Heartland Pergola can withstand a category 3 or 4 hurricane!
  • Beam Attachment Brackets - An optional add on. As a DIYer, it may be easier to install the beams to your posts using Beam Attachment Brackets over the traditional method. Check out Step 5 of our pergola video install series that explains the different processes!

Where to next?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for please give us a quick call at 563-345-6745 or use our chat box in the bottom left corner of your screen!