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8 Stunning Pergola Entryway & Patio Design Ideas

Many people think of pergolas strictly as garden features or as an open-air structure in the yard. However, a pergola can be a beautiful enhancement to your home's entryway or patio. Pergolas have a deep history that goes back to 1400 B.C. in Egypt, and during the Italian Renaissance, they were found in the homes of wealthy Romans.

Today, pergolas aren't just for the wealthy kings and queens of empires ó they are for any homeowner looking to perk up their outdoor design. In fact, adding pergolas is a fantastic, affordable way to make a comfortable, shaded area to any entryway or patio without costing you the expense and time of building walls or a roof.

The homes showcased below are just a handful of examples to show you how Heartland Pergolas can be part of a spectacular design option for your home.

1. Lighting Adds Elegance to Your Design

A home with a large outdoor space with a pergola, sitting area, canopy lighting and a silver grill below the patio area.


Creating a unique look for your entranceway can be accomplished in many ways. Canopy lighting hung across your porch and pergola produces an atmosphere that is intimate and easy to achieve with readily available string lights that can be purchased online or from your local store. The lighting below the deck makes the porch rise out of the ground and invites you to join the party.

2. Pull the Indoors Outside

A white home installed a pergola to cover their outdoor patio space. There are two grey chairs with green pillows under the pergola, and there are potted plants next to the pergola.


The square columns on this beautiful pergola carry the sharp lines of the platform deck back to the house, completing this outdoor oasis. The furniture gives the sensation that the indoor living area was extended to the porch and the contrasting shadow lines of the pergola lattice and the second-floor railing provide a charming contrast against the white siding.

3. Bring Your Garden Into the Design

This yellow rancher has a white pergola covering their back porch. They have hanging plants and potted plants next to the porch and brown mulch in the flower beds.


The combination of a vinyl rail system, decorative joists and lattice turns a plain entryway into a defined, beautiful outdoor living area. The railing provides a spot to hang plant boxes that connect the garden below with the outdoor sitting space, adding height and interest to this ranch home.

4. Wood, Vinyl and Metal Pickets

This yellow rancher has a white pergola covering their back porch. They have hanging plants and potted plants next to the porch and brown mulch in the flower beds.


With this back porch, youíve got plenty of space to celebrate birthdays, throw summer barbecues or just enjoy relaxing mornings with your family. A proper layout for an outdoor sitting area will draw people to it for togetherness and relaxation. The modern design pulls you from the lush lawn to the deck by using the strong contrast of wood tones, black aluminum stair pickets, white vinyl and dark siding.

With its setback beam rather than perimeter support, the construction of the deck adds interest and gives the illusion that the deck is floating above the lawn. All of these elements make this an impressive addition to the home.

5. Secluded Charm

This brown home installed a tan pergola to cover their back porch. They have stone column connecting the pergola to the foundation, along with stone steps leading to the deck area.


Blending textures can bring nature to your doorstep. Just as the natural world is a hodgepodge of surfaces, this country home has combined stone, brick, smooth vinyl and iron railing, as well as square and diagonal angles to engage the viewer. The shade provided by the pergola is simply an added benefit to this design.

6. Creativity on a Budget

This small house extended its space by adding a back porch covered by a white pergola. They have leafy plants next to their brown porch and a sidewalk near it.


If you are thinking about adding an outdoor feature to your home, a pergola is a low-cost option to consider. This addition took a simple deck and wrapped it in a contemporary railing system with square columns to provide an upscale look. The scalloped ends of the extended rafters add another dimension of creativity to make this ranch home stand out.

7. Keep the Design Simple

This two-story house has a pergola sectioning off the patio area. One side is shaded where the other has a grill, firepit and flower pots.


This masonry patio initially appears too low for the home itís attached to. Ground-level on a flat lot, this traditional home needed an element that would connect the structure to the property visually. The freestanding pergola creates a simple division of the patio into a shaded sitting area while allowing a separate spot to catch some sun or have a cookout. The overall effect of this plan was to bring balance and beauty to a bare backyard.

8. Create Additional Living Areas

This beige home has an elevated, brown patio area with a white pergola centered in the middle with a white railing on the edge of the patio.


A large open deck can seem like an empty field and may present a decorating nightmare. There are only so many furniture pieces that can be spread out and still maintain a cohesive design theme. A pergola can divide a large deck into functional areas that make sense without the use of walls.

On the deck above, the pergola turns an open deck into a sitting area, a dining area and a hot tub space. All three areas serve a specific purpose while providing a feeling of togetherness for everyone on the deck.

Heartland Pergolas Are Designed for Beauty and Comfort

At Heartland Pergolas, we provide pergolas to fit every need. Whether you want an open stand-alone unit to cover a pool or pavilion or kits that attach to your home and enlarge your living area, we have you covered. Our professional customer service associates and designers are available to help you produce your dream space. Contact us today to get a free quote!

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